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bla bla sprint (unregistered) 01 Mar 2011, 11:50 posted on

i switched from verizon to sprint, and i can truly say that i regret it . SPRINT needs to get some new phone, the only good phone that they have is the evo. but every other company has 20 other phones that are similar or better... sprint i am disappointed :(

posted on 02 Mar 2011, 20:21

1. Stu (unregistered)

All they have is the Evo is like saying that all ATT has is the iphone. IMO the Evo is the best phone on the market. I would say how awesome the Epic is but it runs 2.1... Samsung fails. Sprint has had the Evo since last summer and Verizon is just getting the Thunderbolt which is essentially the same phone. Also, Sprint will be getting a Samsung S2 phone which will have obscene specs. There are some other good phones coming out for sure but my expectation is that by fall sprint will have the best lineup once again. So basically, you have from now until late summer to complain about Sprint's lineup (unless you are me and think that the Echo totally rocks) but then Sprint should have all the new hotness and the others will be catching up.

posted on 09 Mar 2011, 14:08

2. Kev (unregistered)

I agree with Stu. Also, the Samsung Epic is a great phone, Super Amoled is great. And AT$T only has the Iphone, think about it. Verizon has a lot of Motorola BS, and a couple great android devices, and now the Iphone 4. No one cares that thyey still cater to HP's webOS dreams, blackberry is ugh, and that about covers it. Clearly they have the most variety, but the Evo and the Epic are equivalent or better than any of them. And now Sprint is getting the Nexus S 4G, the Evo 3D, and an Evo tab, which I am "surprised" to see that phonearena hasn't caught on to yet...


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