Waze now brings you celebrity-voiced driving directions

Waze now brings you celebrity-voiced driving directions
Tired of the same old voice telling you the directions to a location? Waze wants to shake things up. The crowdsourced traffic and navigation app, now owned by Google, has teamed up with Universal Studios to bring you celebrity voices to help you navigate. Certain celebrities would do a great job. Who could miss making a left turn with Fran Drescher shrieking at you to "tuuuuuuuuurn already" Or how about the inimitable James Earl Jones, in his best CNN voice saying, "This...is a left turn".

Actually, the first celebrity voice to be used by Waze is comedian Kevin Hart. Hart will soon be seen in a new flick called Riding Alone, and besides promoting the film on the video below, Hart gives you a preview of what Waze will sound like with him telling you where to go.

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source: Waze via Engadget

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