Verizon's modem for global 3G roaming in the U.S. makes it through the FCC

Verizon's modem for global 3G roaming in the U.S. makes it through the FCC
In an attempt to catch up to AT&T in the global roaming business here in the States, Verizon has just had a 3G modem make it through the grueling tests that the FCC puts such equipment through. As we reported last week, the A3700 is built by ZTE. It is capable of providing cellular service on just about all of the frequencies and wireless technologies that are in use overseas, allowing visitors from the States to continue using their handset at the same zippy speeds they are accustomed to back home. With the Verizon logo placed on the device, you know it is going to support EV-DO. But what about GSM? EDGE? HSPA? No worries as the A3700 has it covered. Now that it has made it through the FCC, we should see additional information on the modem from Verizon more sooner than later.

source: FCC via EngadgetMobile



1. T-Money3000 unregistered


2. awesomeanthony

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So At&t already has one of these bad boys?

3. rbz275

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but the AT&T one doesn't support EVDO too. This modem should litterally work anywhere with 3G speeds. (not sure about asian frequencies though)

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