Several Nexus 6P third-party cases block the laser auto focus, which could break your phone

Several Nexus 6P third-party cases block the laser auto focus, which could break your phone
Before you buy a case for your new Nexus 6P, better check out a problem that has some case manufacturers kicking themselves in the back. Some of the third-party cases listed on Amazon's site will block the laser auto focus used with the rear camera. The sensor for the laser auto focus is located on the black bar, just to the right of the flash. If you look at the official Nexus 6P product video and pause it at the 18 second mark, the laser auto focus is clearly seen next to the flash.

When looking at the very first render that showed the black bar on the Huawei 6P on August 24th, the laser auto focus was impossible to discern. Assuming that case manufacturers were looking at the same leaks, it is easy to see how the sensor was overlooked. Whatever you do, don't take this warning lightly. Blocking the laser auto focus could actually damage the entire focusing mechanism on your phone. And that will make the camera on your Nexus 6P completely useless!

We should point out that not all of the cases available for the phone are blocking the laser auto focus. But you should look very closely before spending your hard earned money to make sure that the one you do buy, doesn't end up damaging your handset permanently.

Building smartphone cases on speculation is a tough job. One mistake like this could cost a company plenty of money and could even mean the end of a small case manufacturer. Which means that if you see a case for the Nexus 6P priced very cheaply, make sure that it has the cut out for the laser auto focus. The accessory producers that guessed wrong, will at first try to get some money back by offering their useless cases at rock bottom prices.

source: XDA via AndroidPolice
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