HTC says it will always favor Windows Mobile over Android

HTC says it will always favor Windows Mobile over Android
Despite manufacturing the first two Android handsets released to the public, HTC still prefers the Windows Mobile OS over Google's open source software and always will, according to the CEO of HTC in France, Frederic Tassy. The executive sat down for an interview with Mobinaute and said that HTC will always have more of their flagship products using Microsoft's mobile operating system.

Using the HTC Touch HD as an example, Tassy pointed out that the Windows Mobile model is the company's best selling device, ringing up the register at a greater number than the Android run G1 and HTC Magic handsets, showing that consumers still favor Windows Mobile run phones over Android equipped models. The HTC exec also took a shot at Apple's iPhone saying that mobile phone users will want something else after tiring soon of the iconic touchscreen model.

source: Mobinaute (Translated) via techradar



1. *HOVA*

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2. LGVX1993

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I like Windows Mobile. Ive never had a phone with it but ive always wanted one

3. rehnhart

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maybe android phone sales might increase more once the platform hits a larger network, like the Lancaster coming to AT&T. I would like to see a android phone on verizon (my carrier), but sadly it will never happen.

5. phonedude

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Ummm... Actually you will see at least one android device comeing to verizon wireless sometime within the next several months! Just keep your eyes open. :-)

4. Kiltlifter

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From wikipedia : Some current estimates suggest that 80% of the 50 million Windows Mobile devices made have been built by one contract manufacturing group, HTC, which makes handsets as for several major companies under their brands, as well as under its own brand. HTC IS WINDOWS MOBILE! They are always the first to relase WM stuff with good reason, microsoft trusts HTC to portray their product in a good way. Look at it. HTCs TouchFLO basically made up for microsoft's shortcomings as a dated kernal for WM 6.0 and 6.1, which brought about a new wave of customization to windows phones that got everyone to jump on board.

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