Apple purges iTunes, as Music, TV and Podcasts apps take over syncing

Apple purges iTunes, as Music, TV and Podcasts take over
Apple's arguably most hated piece of legacy software - iTunes - just got killed today at the WWDC keynote, and the interesting part is that it won't be renamed to something else, but different modules will be taking its place instead. The iTunes syncing and download service is a relic of the past anyway, and will be phased out as Apple's CEO Tim Cook announced a move away from the iPhone as the centerpiece of the company's strategy.

The Apple Watch gained more independence from the iPhone, a new iPadOS aims to close the gap with laptops, and Apple will is pushing the new watchOS with its fresh healthcare solutions, according to the report. Anything but the iPhone. With the new macOS Catalina, Apple is also getting rid of its oldest and most annoying app/program.

R.I.P. iTunes

One of the slower and more cumbersome to use of Apple's legacy software, the jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none iTunes will be replaced with apps that now duplicate its functionality. Instead of using it for watching videos, or listening to music and podcasts, Apple's new Music, TV, and Podcasts apps for the Mac will be taking over. What about shuttling files to and from and managing the phone, though, what iTunes used to do?

Well, those functions will be taken over by the new Music app, of all things. Apple even started purging the iTunes accounts on Instagram, Facebook and the like, indicating the ancient software's imminent demise. When you plug in your iPhone from now on, you will see precisely nothing instead of the bloated iTunes window. Good riddance? 

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