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Samsung Galaxy s4, not impressed at all.

chocolaking 04 Apr 2013, 10:16 posted on

Pros And Cons Detailed, Conclusions fallows.


4.99 inch screen- This Feature should be common sense, I cannot stress how much i wish every device i owned had a big screen like the DNA Droid, Thank You Samsung and your Super amoled technology.

IR Blaster - Very Great Feature Every Phone should have it but depends on the user preference.

Sleek premium plastic Body - Looks Great from far. and low cost for making it.


Plastic Body - Easily slip out of hand and feel cheap material on hand. feels paying big bucks for a toyish gadget.

Screen Resolution- 441.65 PPI is up to par, But AmoLED isn't really good for human eyes when looking at it for a long period of time. Contrast ratio can be sharp, but does not present smooth colour in nature.

Dimensions - Despite having a slitly bigger screen than the SGS3, Since the body did not change at all from a S3, You could have release this screen on the S3. Why make the consumer wait for one year and then release the technology you already have a year ago.

MicroSD Slot - who still needs the MicroSD nowadays, it's 2013! you back up everything online.

Battery - Removable battery is just giving me impression that the stock battery will die any time soon. But I can always replace it. since it's not accessable.

Display - Great Size But 1080p might be a bit overkill if it doesn't offer much improvements. Come on sammy! get it together. Pentiled is old technology!

Camera - I really hope you upgrade the hardware like HTC did. you have putting the same old sensor and processor fromt he S3. really? you think all consumers are dumb?

Software - Like every phone it has its ups and down, But I wish you have improved on your web browsers.I am getting irritated everytime I use the web browser from an S3.

Conclunsion: I really see you fallowing the same marketing strategy like Apple, just to make money from over produced parts. Then why not just call the S4 and S3s?

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