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att, sprint, or vzw?

JocularJester 30 Mar 2010, 03:31 posted on

most ppl are going to compare vzw to att because prices are the same for unlim data and text on a smartphone. for someone that doesnt travel outside of his/her given state, much less the country, rarely uses data so isnt concerned with who has the best blah blah blah network, why is att better? use me for example. there are a total, smart and feature, of 3 phones that i would use with att: impression, backflip, and tp2. on the other hand, with vzw, smart and feature, there are a total of 7 phones that i would use: devour, rogue, tp2, tour, pixi plus, droid, and env touch. so i ask again, with better phone choices, and the same price for the same thing, why should i the consumer pick att over vzw? and then theres the issue of sprint. though i would use only one phone, the moment, they have an all inclusive plan for 70. so for an above average customer that knows how to get phones for cheap, why should i pick att over vzw or sprint? why should i pick vzw over att or sprint, and why should i pick sprint over the others?

posted on 30 Mar 2010, 12:04

1. sskoll (Posts: 2; Member since: 08 Dec 2008)

Those of us who travel to Europe, can only choose AT&T, 3G 2100 and use a local sim.

posted on 31 Mar 2010, 19:15

2. networkdood (Posts: 6330; Member since: 31 Mar 2010)

Yeah, verizon may have only 1 or 2 phones I would like - the DROID with 2.1 ANDROID OS is nice, but not better than an iphone. Devour, rogue, PIXI?? lol - that is funny. With AT&T, I would and have used an iphone, TILT, TILT 2 - backflip is garbage. I have a TILT with a modified PHOENIX 2 ROM, unlocked, and super CID unlocked with SKYFIRE browser. Until DROID gets SKYFIRE, it does not interest me. The HTC DESIRE and SE XPERIA are appealing - I am torn between (my, lol) DESIRE and GOOGLE NEXUS as both will have 2.1 ANDROID or be upgradable to 2.1. Luckily, SKYFIRE is developing an ANDROID app for its browser. That will be awesome - I am tempted to join SPRINT for a 2-yr tour just to get that EVO 4G and then bolt back to AT&T or VERIZON and get one of their 4G phones. It is nice to see VERIZON catch up with the modern world and gets some decenet phones for once.

posted on 04 Apr 2010, 13:57

3. cansler (Posts: 136; Member since: 07 Oct 2009)

Not to mention the fact that if you want a phone not offered by your carrier, VZW will not allow you to have it activated on their network, where as once you unlock a sim device, you simply slide your AT&T sim in it and go. No need for a call to helpdesk to have it activated.

posted on 22 Apr 2010, 10:32

5. cansler (Posts: 136; Member since: 07 Oct 2009)

My mistake. I know one of the cdma careiers was really anal retentive about that. Maybe Sprint? Unless that is altogether no longer the case... I really don't know.

posted on 26 Apr 2010, 08:37

6. ostranderterry (Posts: 61; Member since: 14 Apr 2010)

I think that every carrier provides something different based on what your needs are. I work for AT&T and have sprint b/c I can't get service with AT&T in my home. Take stock of your wireless needs and base your choice on what the carrier offers, phones, coverage and rate plans, and your choice should be pretty easy.

posted on 28 Apr 2010, 19:00

7. jrcrow79 (Posts: 477; Member since: 02 May 2008)

meh..some eggs in one basket..some others in another one

posted on 30 Apr 2010, 17:08

8. a_jamal_s (Posts: 1; Member since: 30 Apr 2010)

Hell... Just go to Wal-Mart and get one of those Wal-Mart Wireless Phones for a low low fee of $45 a month for unlimited everything. ;)

posted on 04 May 2010, 10:09

9. ostranderterry (Posts: 61; Member since: 14 Apr 2010)

lol, from what I've heard that straight talk uses verizon's network anyway

posted on 28 Aug 2010, 17:04

11. cellgeek82 (Posts: 518; Member since: 20 Dec 2009)

When it comes to which carrier you want the #1 thing you should consider is coverage. Will your phone work where you live and travel the most. Second, what kind of device do you want? If you want an iPhone then go to at&t (at least till Verizon gets it) But if you want a great reliable network go to Verizon. Android is great and so is iPhone, it all comes down to preference. Overall I have to admit the quality of devices are better on AT&T because phone manufacturers seem to put more quality in GSM phones. Android does have great quality, I'm talking about overall. Verizon also puts their own software on most of their devices. But if you want a great network you can rely on, choose Verizon. In my opinion, when/if Verizon gets the iPhone, we'll see a huge ripple in the wireless industry! I can't wait to see the fireworks haha.

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