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When will AT&T ditch the htc tilt2?

bboy81 (unregistered) 17 Feb 2011, 14:55 posted on

I've had the tilt2 every since it came out back in Oct 09. At first i really enjoyed the phone but now its pretty crappy. If you don't know much about the tilt2, its windows mobile 6.5 OS. This sucks due to windows mobile 7 coming out and now there isn't any support for the 6.5 OS. I'm not due for an upgrade until sometime in April and was wondering if it would be ditched before then so i could get the replacement phone by using my insurance for 50 bucks. I don't want to use my insurance to receive the same crappy phone that always locks up. Can someone please help me with this any info on when the tilt 2 will be ditched would be highly appreciated.


posted on 02 Apr 2011, 15:37

1. GSM_king (unregistered)

I agree with you. I had mines about the same time with you, and I've already had it replaced 4 times. It got so bad I just up and bought a Samsung Focus out of pocket. I really wanted the HTC 7 Pro (aka Arrive) but for whatever reason AT&T is not really doing much for jilted Tilt 2 owners.

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