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Best phone tripods for video calls, vlogging, or live streaming - updated February 2022

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Best phone tripods for video calls, vlogging, or live streaming - updated February 2022
Smartphone photography has come a long way over the years. Nowadays we see smartphones with three, four or even more cameras on the back, giving us the versatility to take great photos in more scenarios than ever. Better yet, that smartphone is always in your pocket, letting you take high-quality videos and photos whenever the chance arises. 

But what if you wanted to take the next step in smartphone photography? What if you wanted to easily mount, adjust and move your phone while shooting? What if you wanted an iPhone tripod? In the age of constant streaming and video capturing, there are people that need these on the daily. There are plenty of different tripod mounts on sale, and we picked some of our favorites for you to buy. 

These are the best phone tripods to buy in 2022

Sunpak - Portable Vlogging Kit for Smartphones

Sunpak’s offering comes with a 12-inch-tall tripod which extends up to 42 inches in height. The tripod can be used with either a smartphone or a dedicated camera. The focus on this tripod is on beauty photography, TikTok photography, Live Streaming and YouTube vlogging.

The Sunpak Vlogging Kit also features a 6-inch ring light, making it suitable for taking photos and videos of people at close range. The ring light is USB powered and has brightness controls built into its cable. This vlogging tripod’s 42 inches of maximum height means that it should be placed on a table if you plan to use it for streaming or video calls. Its legs can also be adjusted separately in height. All of this makes it one of the best phone tripods to buy.

Sunpak - Portable Vlogging Kit for Smartphones

- A 42 inch tripod with a 6-inch ring light

$39 99
Buy at BestBuy

Neewer Mini Tripod Stand

The Neewer Mini is a portable tripod stand perfect for vlogging and live streaming. It is the only tripod on this list that features a microphone mount with the microphone included. The tripod comes with a CM14 microphone which uses a 3.5mm audio jack, making it easy to connect with any phone. The Tripod has an anti-shock microphone mount to help eliminate background noise. The Neewer Tripod Stand also can be used as a selfie stick or on-the-move tripod, though it is the shortest one on the list with its 5-inch height when used as a tripod and 6.7 inches when used as a grip with the legs closed.

This stand also has a standard mount screw size, which means it can also be used with regular cameras, although you should note that its legs are made out of plastic and are not well suited for heavy devices. The Neewer Mini also has a fully adjustable angle rotation. The package includes the CM14 microphone, furry windshield, shock mount, windscreen foam cover, 3.5mm to TRS audio cable, 3.5mm to TRRS audio cable, the mini tripod and a phone clip.

Neewer Mini Tripod Stand

- A tripod phone stand with a dedicated microphone

$19 49
Buy at Newegg

DJI - Osmo Mobile 3

The Osmo Mobile 3 is much more than a tripod, and I figured it was worth including on this list. This is a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, meaning it has rotating motors which actively keep the phone horizontal and compensate for sudden movements. It is designed for shaky handheld scenarios that cannot look professional without such an accessory. It can also be controlled by joystick-like buttons mounted on the top of the handle.

DJI’s offering is a handheld stabilizer especially designed to be used with smartphones. It uses grippy and light materials making it easy to hold with one hand. The Osmo Mobile 3 is also the only electronic accessory on this list, so it does need charging.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 also features Story mode, ActiveTrack 3.0, Advanced control, Dolly Zoom and a Sport Mode. The ActiveTrack 3.0 feature can track a moving object using deep learning and computer vision algorithms, moving the gimbal automatically while following the object. The Dolly Zoom feature, according to DJI, lets you add cinematic flair to your footage. The package includes anti-slip pads, a power cable, storage pouch, wrist strap and the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 stabilizer.

Moment Tripod Mount with MagSafe and SwitchPod Tripod

Moment’s offering is designed exclusively for the iPhone 12 series. The tripod mount features Apple’s MagSafe technology, meaning it mounts to the smartphone using magnets. The SwitchPod Tripod accessory to the MagSafe mount is a perfect fit for vloggers that are shooting while travelling or at home. It is the easiest to set tripod on this list, with magnets used for both mounting and holding its legs together. 

When the SwitchPod Tripod’s legs are folded, it turns into a selfie and shooting stick for on-the-go filming. The SwitchPod is also compact and light, with it weighing just 11 ounces or 315 grams. Together with the Tripod Mount, this is one of the best tripods for iPhones.

Manfrotto Compact Action Smart 61-inch tall tripod

This 61-inch tripod is the tallest offering on this list. It has an aluminum body and a quick-release mount plate. The mount plate let’s you attach a wide range of camera devices. The phone mount is easy to snap on the plate and offers a stable and sturdy grip when shooting.

The Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod has multi-angle tripod legs with 5 leg sections, which can extend the tripod from 17 to 61 inches of height. Manfrotto’s offering has a sophisticated adjustment leverer rotating at 360 degrees. It also has a 180-degree tilting head to easily position your camera. This is one of the best phone tripods for event filming and photography. The package features a smartphone adapter, carrying bag and the Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod.

Manfrotto Compact Action Smart 61-inch tripod

- 360 degree tripod with a phone mount

$74 99
Buy at BestBuy

GVM Tabletop Mini Tripod JJ-G310

The GVM Mini Tripod is a portable and flexible photo accessory with height of up to 12.2 inches, making it one of the best compact tripods. This tripod can easily be mounted on any surface or wrapped around poles or branches, with its grippy, flexible legs and rubberized feet. Its camera mount has an easily adjustable head for tilting and moving the mounted device, which makes it one of the best tripods to buy.

The GVM JJ-G310 tripod is perfect for nature shooting, timelapse and on-the-move videos. It’s lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry. GVM’s tripod offering can be mounted by phones or cameras. The tripod’s phone mount also has an external microphone mounting point.

GVM Tabletop Mini Tripod JJ-G310

- Flexible tripod with a phone mount

$29 95
Buy at B&H Photo

Rosewill RABH-20018 Ring Light Tripod

This tripod is similar to the Sunpak Portable Vlogging Kit, with its ring lights and indoor shooting focus. But the Rosewill tripod has a maximum height of 82 inches, making it both taller and more stable. This is a very solid tripod for phones packed with plenty of features.

Like the Sunpak, the Rosewill Ring Light Tripod is perfect for vlogging, beauty video shooting and live streaming. Its ring light has three adjustable white color temperature settings and ten brightness levels. The ring light is also USB powered. When packed, the Rosewill tripod is compact and easy to carry when traveling. It is also lightweight, with its ABS and metal-made body. The phone holder has a 360-degree adjustable rotation, while the ring light rotates at 180 degrees.

The Rosewill RABH-20018 set includes a ring fill light, phone holder, standing holder and the tripod itself.

Rosewill RABH-20018 Ring Light Tripod

- Portable Streaming Tripod with Ring Light and Phone Holder

$34 99
Buy at Walmart

JOBY - GorillaPod 3K

JOBY - GorillaPod 3K

- Flexible tripod with a phone mount

$79 99
Buy at BestBuy

The JOBY GorillaPod 3K is a higher-quality tripod with flexible legs design which allows it to be attached to things like poles and railings. The GorillaPod can also be used as an improvised selfie stick by shaping its legs in the desired form. Its versatility makes it one of the best phone tripods there is.

Although it’s relatively small, it can carry heavy cameras with ease thanks to its aluminum-made body. A smaller, lighter version of the tripod is also available -- the GorillaPod 1K. 

The Joby GorillaPod 3K is offered in three colors: black, black and red, and black and grey.

There are plenty of good phone tripods out there

It turns out you have plenty of choices of phone tripods in 2022. Some are perfect for vlogging on the go, while some are best for home video tutorials. There are also those, like the DJI Osmo stabilizer that is best in action filming. The variety of choices is great and there is something for everybody. Moment's MagSafe supporting tripod accessories are nice, but not cheap, but if you love magnets you should go for it. But as far as best phone tripods go, these are all great choices. 

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