S Voice puts down the Apple iPhone

S Voice puts down the Apple iPhone
There is no question that Siri has a lot of sass., Ask the Apple voice activated personal assistant which operating system is the best, and she chants "i-O-S, i-O-S". Ask what her favorite phone is and she says, "Wait...there are other phones?" Another one of her responses to the same question is "You're kidding, right?"

Considering that Samsung's S Voice was inspired by Siri, it is not surprising to see some of that sass rub off on Samsung's own voice activated personal assistant. Ask S Voice if it is Siri and it replies, "I like to think I am." S Voice tries to be a pacifist though, and when you ask if it likes Apple, S Voice says it has no problems with anyone, but it is loyal to Samsung. 

While S Voice tries not to stir things up to the extent that its response could start off a melee like the one seen in Microsoft's latest ad, when you ask if it has ever used an iPhone, the response is, "No, I have standards." Uh-oh. Sounds like fighting words to us!

source: AndroidCentral

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