Officially unlocked G1 for $399

Officially unlocked G1 for $399
Google released an unlocked version of the G1 Android phone, which isn’t related to T-Mobile in any way. It can be used in any GSM network, and is designed for Android developers, who want to check their work and modifications of the OS, but are outside the carrier’s coverage. In fact, the full name of the phone is Android Dev Phone 1, and in order to buy a unit, you’ll first have to register (if you haven’t already) at the Android Market site, paying a tax of $25. The ordinary customers can also buy it, but Google warn that it’s not designed for them, and “end users operate these devices at their own risk”. At the moment, Android Dev Phone 1 is offered in 18 countries, with free shipping to the U.S.

T-Mobile G1 Specifications | Review
source: Google via EngadgetMobile



1. Jyaoktu unregistered

Thought the G1 was ugly since its release and this doesn't change my mind. I wouldn't pay $399 for that.

2. T-Money3000 unregistered

I agree. Why would Google choose and agree on such a terrible design? Why would they choose T-Mobile?

3. vzw fanman unregistered

there is nothing trendy or stylish about this phone. its dull.

4. unregistered

its dull, but the screen is awesome, i would pay if i knew that i wasnt at my own risk

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