Nokia N95 US now available

Nokia N95 US now available

Today Nokia announced theavailability of the 3G USA version of the N95, the 5-megapixel dual-slider thatruns on Symbian 9.2 over S60 interface and packs anything you can imagine, from2.6” QVGA display to GPS and WiFi. The “multimedia computer” is currently themost advanced Nokia portable phone (the E90 is way bigger) and the one withbest camera, which has resolution of 5-megapixels, auto-focus, powerful LEDflash and advanced interface. It is not only Nokia’s best camera, but only oneof the good on the market among all manufacturers, which is shown in our Q2 GSM


The US-version exchanges the 2100MHzUMTS/HSDPA support for 850/1900 one which allows the phone take advantage ofAT&T’s high-speed network. The phone is now available for $699 sim-free,offered in Nokia Flagship Stores and online at

Nokia N95 US Specifications


Source: Nokia


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1. hargs48 unregistered

Dont forget to mention that this US-spec N95 has a bigger 1200mAH batttery compared to the 950mAh of the normal N95. Also this N95 has 4 times more free RAM.Around 80mb free RAM versus around 20mb free in the normal N95.This greatly improves multitasking,you can now run tons & tons of apps in the background whithout anything shutting down due to low RAM.The RAM boost makes this N95 a true multimedia computer.

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