Can HTC swim back up to the surface with the HTC 10?

Can HTC swim back up to the surface with the HTC 10?
Due to one reason or another, HTC has not been in the greatest of the shapes in the past couple of years. Lackluster sales made the Taiwan-based company bleed money almost each and every quarter. Despite being good all-around devices, One M7's successors simply did not click with the average Joe. The forgettable mid-range phones were not very successful either.

Yet today HTC has the chance to turn over a new leaf and prove it has learnt from its past mistakes. The HTC 10 will become official in just a couple of hours, and looks promising, all things considered. 

In your opinion, will the HTC 10 be able to get the fallen giant back up on its feet? Or fail and turn out to be yet another nail in the coffin? Share your thoughts with us!


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