Android Market to support paid apps in more countries

Android Market to support paid apps in more countries
Google's Android Market team has informed developers that it will now support paid app distribution and purchasing in more countries. The limited support of apps internationally has been one of the main gripes about the Android Market.

There are currently 14 countries with purchasing support, but only 9 (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, United States) with distribution capabilities. Many app developers have been limited by the lack of support, unable to sell their apps in the Android Market.

The email notification didn't say which countries would be added, except to say that it would be happening over the next few weeks. It also warned developers to modify the markets in which they offer the app, so that it doesn't automatically move beyond their intended scope.

source: Android and Me



1. mrcool unregistered

....with all the free app that are offered in the market, who really wants to pay for a app? IMO the apps aren't worth paying for due to its low quality and not too eye appealing (FYI i am a android owner and im happy)

2. JPrice02 unregistered

There are some great Apps that are worth paying for. For games, games like Angry Birds and for actual Applications, it's just remember to find what works for you, and

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