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When is Verizon going to get rid of there monthly internet charge

Anthony Henderson (unregistered) 05 Nov 2010, 14:27 posted on 2

I cant tell you guys how frustrated i am with Verizon for having an internet charge every month for a service i don't even use. In all Honesty iv had an upgrade available for the past year and the only thing keeping me from starting another contract with Verizon is that they don't have a plan where the internet is all inclusive in a low monthly rate. Phone carriers such as sprint and at&t have these plans so why cant we. There are times when i hear that Verizon hasn't performed at as high a level as other phone carriers as far as the capability and workability of there phones. I completely agree, if Verizon didn't have the coverage it did and the fact my calls never get dropped then id probably change carriers. Honestly who charges there customers for a monthly internet charge on a phone that doesn't have the capability to provide full internet. Its just frustrating this is one un happy Verizon customer that wont be giving them any money anytime soon unless they stop feeding us these crapy phones with charges for things that people never use. ( i was only looking for a place to vent and get my thoughts out and this was the only means of doing so )

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