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need an urgent phone to travel to india

raymonds 17 May 2012, 14:41 posted on

I will be travelling to delhi this coming july and i need to be able to have a phone with my right at the delhi airport. I currently have sprint which is not GSM, and as i figure, in india i require a gsm phone with is unlocked and it must be on roaming in order to receive call from my family. My budget is around less then $100 (i work on minimum wage so u figure?), i dont need a smartphone, i will be happy with a basic phone with a decent camera and a decent battery life, india load shedding is severe and that makes me beleive battery life is the most priority on this choice. I am sure nokia has the longest battery life among other company, so please answer my following question

1. which model should i get
2. how can i roam with this with a sam number
3. which has the best battery life
4. durability of the product as i will be travelling alot

pls answer my questions quick. i am waiting!!!

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