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Prolong the Run Time of Your Cell Phone Battery With SleepWell

BlueBear 25 Sep 2013, 02:47 posted on

Are you annoyed because of your short-lived cell phone battery? If yes, maybe you can try to save the battery power with a software called “SleepWell”. It is designed to prolong the duration of cell phone batteries. It is developed by Justin Manwelier, a postgraduate from Duke University, America.

WiFi brings many conveniences to cell phone users, but its drawbacks can not be ignored. It usually kills your cell phone battery in a short time and you can not do anything to stop it. Though I have an MPJ extended battery which can substantially increase the run time of my phone, it can also be easily run out when the WiFi is activated. Now SleepWell can help you and me.

When there are too many devices in the same wireless channel, SleepWell will keep your phone asleep until the channel is not so crowded. Maybe you have to wait for several minutes to download what you need, but it is really helpful to save your battery power.

The elegance of SleepWell is its simplicity. Rather than requiring a new hardware or complex coding, Manweiler's technology can be implemented with a simple change in the driver software to allow the access point to “lie” about the time in order to reschedule the wake-up signals.

What have to say is that the performance of SleepWell may be affected by the surroundings. The more crowded the place is, the more the time for downloading is. But it is a good software as a whole. Don't you think so?

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