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Is the new S View for Note 3 is Samsung’s best case yet?

mrnutcase 25 Oct 2013, 03:39 posted on

Intelligent phone cases are not an entirely new concept, with various companies championing them in recent years. But with the recent launch of the Galaxy Note 3, Samsung pulled out the stops to draw attention to its new S View case, which could be one of its best creations so far.

So when compared with basic phone cases and the rest of the competition, is the S View actually any good?

Flipping Convenient

A smartphone case or cover needs to provide protection for the device without also making it harder to use on the move. The S View achieves this with a flip design which leaves most of the screen covered before allowing you to flip the top layer out of the way and get at the full 5.7 inch expanse of the Super AMOLED panel whenever required.

The flip-cover is attached to a shell at the rear which replaces the standard battery casing, so there is a small bit of installation work required to get the S View up and running, but it is hardly the most demanding of the Samsung cases on the market.

Room for a View

Rather than completely obscuring the front of the Galaxy Note 3, the S View has a small window snipped into the upper half, which itself is covered by a thin film of plastic to prevent scratching.

The magnetic attachment of the cover means that when you flip it open or closed the screen will turn on or off automatically, as with the equivalent device on the Apple iPad.

But what makes the difference here is that the window lets you see information from your handset without even flipping the cover out of the way. The layer of plastic is thin enough to allow your fingers to interact with the touchscreen beneath, so there is a degree of active participation involved as well.

The phone's ability to detect the presence of the S View cover means that it will know whether or not it needs to present relevant information in the small area of the screen with the window, or across the entire display.

This means you can get caller details, message alerts and many other notifications within this section, which acts a little like the secondary external screen on Motorola's classic RAZR range.

Whether or not you find this particularly useful will come down to how regularly you check your phone and how thoroughly you want to protect the Galaxy Note 3's large display. Samsung has come up with a solution that is certainly novel and worth a closer look.

What do you think?

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