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Are You Satisfied with the Battery Life of Your Samsung S3 I9300?

BlueBear 23 Sep 2013, 03:49 posted on

Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 has a 2100 mAh battery. When compared to the 1650 mAh battery of the Galaxy S2, the capacity of 2100 mAh can’t be called very big or small at the same time. Are you satisfied with it?

With the Quad core processor, the large screen with heavy graphics and other advanced features, the demand of a higher capaicty is reasonable. The usages of Galaxy S3 varies from person to person. Obviously, it severely complicates the test of the run time of the phone. So we have to find a proper way to test battery usage with mobile phones.

When the Galaxy S3 is used in a more normal fashion like reading news and checking e-mail etc., we can can get a day and a half of battery time out of the phone. However, the activated voice control can consume a lot of battery power. If you dom’t need it, you’d better disable it to save the battery life of your Galaxy S3. According to benchmarks, if the WiFi is activated all day long, the battery lifetime will be less than 24 hours. It means that you must charge your S3 everyday if your keep the WiFi activated.

Generally speaking, the Samsung Galaxy S3 battery can provide few hours of heavy usage and a day long normal usage with calling, messaging and web browsing that a user does in daily life.The capacity is enough for general users. If your are still not satisfied with 2100mAh battery, maybe you should take into account an MPJ extended battery or a power bank at mpjbattery.com/.

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