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When is Verizon going to get rid of there monthly internet charge

Anthony Henderson (unregistered) 05 Nov 2010, 14:27 posted on 2

I cant tell you guys how frustrated i am with Verizon for having an internet charge every month for a service i don't even use. In all Honesty iv had an upgrade available for the past year and the only thing keeping me from starting another contract with Verizon is that they don't have a plan where the internet is all inclusive in a low monthly rate. Phone carriers such as sprint and at&t have these plans so why cant we. There are times when i hear that Verizon hasn't performed at as high a level as other phone carriers as far as the capability and workability of there phones. I completely agree, if Verizon didn't have the coverage it did and the fact my calls never get dropped then id probably change carriers. Honestly who charges there customers for a monthly internet charge on a phone that doesn't have the capability to provide full internet. Its just frustrating this is one un happy Verizon customer that wont be giving them any money anytime soon unless they stop feeding us these crapy phones with charges for things that people never use. ( i was only looking for a place to vent and get my thoughts out and this was the only means of doing so )

posted on 08 Feb 2011, 12:38

21. psycopathic klown (unregistered)

i love my ATT iphone i had a verizon and that thing was such a piece of shit it was unreal nothing but trouble and problems not to mention there customer service call center out of denver is #$%king ruder than anyone i have ever met! i switched to ATT not to long after there customer service called me a retard !! i have had one problem with att and there customer service was polite and explained what to do plus ATT is cheap! f#ck verizon!!

posted on 09 Feb 2011, 14:41 1

22. foster115 (unregistered)

The reason behind the data charge is that smartphones are made for data use. Personally, I'm not sure why someone would purchase a smartphone if they are not going to use the data/internet features that include app downloads, email, widget updates,etc. If you are considering a droid, you want nothing less than an unlimited package. If you pay per use, you're looking at a very large bill.

posted on 23 Jul 2012, 01:00

48. landline-no-more64 (Posts: 3; Member since: 20 Jul 2012)

quoted from foster15 (unregistered):

"...If you are considering a droid, you want nothing less than an unlimited package. If you pay per use, you're looking at a very large bill."

Ah, so THAT's why Verizon is NOW phasing out their unlimited data plans in favor of limited 2, 5, or 10 GB on their new "Share Everything" plans! Glad you cleared that up. Yep, all those "very large bill[s]" full of overage charges will *sure come in handy* for upgrading infrastructure, expanding network coverage and enabling more corporate Verizon fat cats to take more frequent exotic vacations.

posted on 13 Feb 2011, 20:14

23. john (unregistered)

Now they only have basic phones with no required internet fee or smartphones that require an internet fee. Your prayer has been answered.

posted on 27 Feb 2011, 21:58

24. darhews (unregistered)

It is very interesting to see the different views, but for the people that say they want smart phones but don't want the data, what are you going to use it for? I mean if you want it for the camera, go buy a kin2 it has a 8 meg camera and doesn't require data. if you want it for the touchscreen Verizon offers the cosmos touch, salute, and crux.
All their feature phones can be mp3 players if you want music. If your just wanting to look cool for your friends and say you have a smart phone, buck up and pay to be the player. If you want it for wi-fi, go get an ipod touch or a tablet. There are options out there for everyone you just have to be proactive and look for them.

posted on 03 Mar 2011, 15:36

25. Jake22 (Posts: 1; Member since: 03 Mar 2011)

I completely agree with all of u, but just one thing I want a smartphone for all the amazing features, but my mom doesn't want to pay the web bill. So as someone mentioned before. Can u really just call Verizon's customer service and cancel that web plan individually or would that cancel my whole plan? PLEASE RESPOND ASAP

posted on 04 Mar 2011, 19:03

26. iamrobertkrogh (Posts: 31; Member since: 02 Apr 2010)


posted on 08 Mar 2011, 16:49

28. BDG (unregistered)

Jake22, I previously posted about being able to call customer service & dropping the data plan. But that only applies if you bought a non- smartphone ( Rogue, Envy 3, etc..) awhile ago and had to get the $10/month data plan. I believe VZW started that in late 09' and continued thru late Summer or Fall 2010. Then they dropped that requirement.

However if you are planning on buying a smartphone now, you have to get the $30/ month unlimited plan. You can't activate you phone without the data plan. But if you buy a "Feature phone" such as the Octane, Cosmos Touch, Intensity 2, etc... you aren't required to get a data plan. It's optional. With a Feature phone you can get either the $10 or $30/ month plan, but it's not required. hope this helps.

posted on 05 Mar 2011, 11:03

27. unknown (unregistered)

I just want a good feature phone with a great camera and full keyboard....everything I look at is missing one of the 3 things wanted (good phone, great camera, full keyboard) Verizon needs to make a great feature phone for the people who would like a great phone without all the mumbo jumbo!!

posted on 22 Mar 2011, 21:33

29. yobuddy7 (Posts: 9; Member since: 14 Feb 2011)

I don't know if the situation that the original poster had was fixed (I didn't read any of the above posts), but if you call in and complain, they will remove the $10 fee if you genuinely do not use it.

posted on 08 Apr 2011, 15:49

30. Butch (unregistered)

I can absolutely see why a person would want to have a smartphone without a data plan. Nowadays, public Wi-Fi access is available almost everywhere and to have the features of a smartphone available would be great.

Right now, I tote around an old phone without a data plan along with an iTouch because I find that almost everywhere I go, there is public Wi-Fi access nearby. It would be nice if I could have a single device that has similar functions to the iTouch and can also make a phone call -- without a data plan.

I understand that forcing a person into the data plan helps pay for the phone subsidy given. But I don't understand why a data plan is mandetory for a person who paid full price for the phone or got it off of eBay.

BTW: My current phone is considered a smartphone (no wi-fi though), but I don't need the data plan because I got it prior to the mandetory data plan rule. Verizon was able to block all data transmissions to and from my phone so I can avoid the $2 per meg rate.

posted on 21 Aug 2013, 20:23

53. CaptMacro (Posts: 1; Member since: 21 Aug 2013)

Butch, I am a little later here but, i have the last "smart phone" without a data plan requirement (Motorola Q9c). I discovered, on-line a memory card sized WiFi card for about $50. I plug it in, pick up WiFi at a coffee shop, load Skype and make a 2.5 cent/min voice call to anywhere in the world. The WiFi card plugs into the miro sd slot

posted on 25 Apr 2011, 13:59 1

31. Android Guru (unregistered)

Guess What!? Verizon if pretty much getting rid of all their simple feature phones. There are plenty available online but stores are phasing them out. Look at the "Upcoming phones" section for Verizon on phonearena.com and you will see that everything is a smartphone!

You simple feature phones are no longer going to be available for purchase in store... that's what it seems like anyways. Stores might carry one or two of them, but everything else is going to need a data package.

posted on 26 Apr 2011, 10:55 1

32. MizMelzy (unregistered)

My main beef with the Smart Phones is that they have WIFI and can do just about everything but make calls THROUGH WIFI. Yet they MAKE you take a data plan. It's been proven through hacks on Smart Phones that they could do EVERYTHING bascially but make calls THROUGH WIFI. These were phones that were not set up on any carrier. So they couldn't make calls, but with WIFI they downloaded APPS from APP stores, e-mail, etc.So why is a data plan needed for a phone that can get it's data through WIFI? Even in a small town, that I live in, I can't go more than a block or two without a finding a WIFI signal. I currently have the Kin TwoM, Which was originally a SMART PHONE. I can get email and go on the web without it costing me a penny for data. That right there proves that it CAN be done, and all that's needed is a modification to the software! It's the cell phone companies who work with the wireless providers to brainwash the american public into thinking they NEED the data plan in order for the phone do do what it's meant to do. It's all about making money plain and simple. They saw that they could get people to fork out more money making it mandatory for Smart Phones to have a data plan. I could see the need for the data plan when your in the middle of no where or don't live in an area that has WIFI all over the place (or your phone doesn't have wifi). Fine, then I agree you need the DATA for the features to work. But I feel that if the device is WIFI capable (and you have such easy access to WIFI), then make it so that you can specify to block data ,to make the data come from WIFI only and NOT your carrier. This would get rid of their high data traffic. This is how it's done with the KIN TwoM. I block data, and I use email and the web through WIFI! This way NO data charges would be incurred if the features strictly used WIFI. It's as simple as that. But NO wireless provider will do that because they want the MONEY. They don't care about the customer, they just want the money. I realize in any business the goal is to make money, however, if you are smart about it, you can still give the people what they want, and make money. Because if they get what they want the customer will return and spend their money with your company. If there was a carrier out there that did this it would be the best of both worlds, and make EVERYONE happy. Cell Phone companies would sell a LOT more of their phones, and Cellular Companies would STILL make money. They are just doing it all wrong and looking through the greedy goggles.

posted on 19 Jun 2011, 00:17

37. Enough (unregistered)

I worked at a VZW call center for 2 years. We have 3 smartphones with data packages in my family. Do I hate paying $30 per phone for data? Yes. I have WiFi and could do just fine with that. On the other hand, from working for the company and talking to customer after customer everyday, I'm glad there's a data package. Someone (Brian I think) stated that you should not be forced to have a data package and only be charged if you do use it. Well, that would be fine except I know for a fact that a majority of users never pay attention to when they are using data and get excessively high phone bills. I can't tell you how many customers I had calling and yelling at me because they used data and were charged for it. This was even with a simple phone that had mobile web access if the user decided to use it. I mean in excess of hundreds of dollars! The number of people who flood the network using data then call in because they were charged a bunch of money drove me nuts! Then they would scream that they should have been told about an available data package. So, you are forced to get it and are mad but then if we weren't forced into the package and incurred several hundred dollars of data... see where I'm going? Yes, I want to drop my data package and just go WiFi. Who wouldn't? Do I want the package cheaper since I have to have it? Sure. But it is what it is. If I want cheaper then I just have to settle for a phone that is going to give me cheaper. Options and research.

posted on 13 Oct 2011, 15:06 1

39. jherz6 (Posts: 217; Member since: 23 May 2008)

Then get a simple phone that doesnt require internet. If you get a smartphone then internet is required, also if youre a vzw customer and have been so since before they made the rate change your able to get unlimited data. If you dont have a simple phone you knew what you were getting into when you signed up so dont cry.

posted on 13 Oct 2011, 15:09 1

40. jherz6 (Posts: 217; Member since: 23 May 2008)

Everyone thinks wifi is so great because its free and for that reason it may be. However wifi is not at all secure it is extremely easy to hack a phone or othe such device over a wifi connection.

posted on 30 Oct 2011, 05:36 1

43. Phullofphil (Posts: 805; Member since: 10 Feb 2009)

Wow I just spent an hour on this thread and just realized it's over a year old

posted on 20 Dec 2011, 01:59

44. ILikeBubbles (Posts: 525; Member since: 17 Jan 2011)

i believe that if you want a messaging phone without data than you should be able to have it. (env3 for ex) but once you jump into the smartphone arena data is absolutley required. but i would also agree at a slightly higher monthly rate for smartphone users who have signed off the data package. and by this i mean signature contract saying that i accept that i will under no circumstances be able to use data off of the verizon network. you want a wifi only smartphone? you can have it. but you're going to pay a little extra just because you felt like having what you want without the requirments.

posted on 21 May 2012, 12:10 1

46. DigitalMD (Posts: 226; Member since: 17 Feb 2010)

If you are under 4GB a month, then you are not using the smart in your smart phone. I use it for work and easily do over 500Mb on a work day just checking email and using dropbox and maps. All this BS has nothing to do with network capacity and everything is geared to stream more $$$ out of your wallet. Did you ever hear Verizon advertise that they have the lowest capacity of any of the big three providers??

posted on 02 Dec 2012, 12:24

49. JohnnyBravo (Posts: 105; Member since: 02 Dec 2012)

I agree with you when you talk about coverage and calls dropped. Ive only experienced Verizon in my Smartphone career and Im really happy with the coverage and speeds. However, Big Red is bad when it comes to misc charges for services that are free on other carriers. They also have a meh lineup of phones overall. The best lineup of phones reside with ATT, however, I refuse to switch because of aforementioned speeds and coverage. I guess there is a give and take with carriers as with anything in life.

posted on 23 Jul 2013, 13:37

52. AGM80 (Posts: 1; Member since: 23 Jul 2013)

Have to agree with phone lineup...I still wouldnt want to be caught with another provider...they all talk about unlimited data...but with T-Mobile its unlimited on their tower (which they do not have very many) and then you can use 300 mb. I can do that asleep. No good. Im sticking with whats good. Verizon is where its at.

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