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No New Window's Phone's until August/September 2012?!

ladiomi 05 Feb 2012, 20:17 posted on 1

For some reason Sprint has a lot of excuses for not having any new WP7 phone's since 2011!!! First excuse they (meaning Windows) need to build the enthusiasm for the product- Funny it's selling every where else but sprint because sprint has no new sprint phone. Second excuse, User experience - If someone returned this phone due to user experience before the mango upgrade shame on them and don't charge that do window's sprint was late getting wp7 from the beginning. Third excuse, sprint can't build the windows phone 7 brand by themselves. You need to be able to sell the phone for yourself the brand is already there and they have supplied several commericals already. The problem right now is that people want to leave sprint to go to other carriers to get a new WP7 device. I appreciate you wanting windows to make the phone fly but lets focus on making the customer's you still that want a windows phone happy. Sheesh!


posted on 07 Mar 2012, 19:45 1

1. ddsindpls (Posts: 17; Member since: 16 Sep 2007)

Amen to that. I am using the HTC Arrive myself (only Windows phone they have). I've voiced the same thing to Sprint but they seem to care only about being the best carrier to have an Android Phone with. That's fine if they want to run with that. It's their company. Just don't expect me to ride along.

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