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Which platform on AT&T?

KRiderZero 04 Aug 2011, 02:06 posted on

So I'm going to be up for an AT&T upgrade on Sept. 5th, and can't wait for it because frankly I'm completely sick of my Samsung Impression (I'd upgrade right now but they seem to be unable to give me a clear answer as to why my eligibility period is three months longer this time compared to my first upgrade). Due to having a new job and the amount of financial aid I'm receiving for my final semester of undergrad work, I'm ready to just make the full leap to a smartphone because I've grown tired of the feature phones and their questionable build quality and programming (I previously owned a Blackberry Pearl 8110, but without a data plan). However, I'm not sure which platform to go with. I'm not too interested in Blackberry anymore (with the Torch having a relatively low resolution screen and I remember not being impressed with the physical buttons the last time I gave one a try), but definitely want a smartphone. Here are the conditions I'm working under:

-Browser isn't too important to me. I'm going with the cheapest data plan because I don't need to browse websites on my phone. I'm never in urgent enough need to look anything up.
-Email use is gonna be limited. The only email that will be linked to my phone would be my school email, because it gets a small number of messages per month usually (meaning I wouldn't need too much data), and they tend to be the most important. The account is run by the school through Google, though, so the better it handles Gmail, the better for me.
-Media streaming isn't important to me, as I have about 50 GB of music and probably double that much video on my hard drive if I really wanted to keep media with me (and music is the most important as I recently ditched my old iPod, so something to listen to my music on during commutes is preferred).
-Being that I'm student teaching this coming semester to finish my undergraduate work, I'd prefer to be able to store some office-like information (i.e.: student grades, questions to research at home later, etc.) to minimize the need to keep my laptop on-site with me.
-Texting is a huge consideration. My girlfriend and I keep in touch through texting often, as our schedules don't often coincide too nicely during the day, meaning that calling is often not entirely possible. So the better the texting capabilities of the phone, the better for me.

I ask because I've played around with a few different phones, but not sure which platform would be best to lock myself into for another two years. My price range is likely to be free to $100 for a phone (which generally seems to include, from most non-retailer carriers, phones including the iPhone 3GS, most to all of the Windows Phone 7 phones, and a variety of Android phones like the HTC Inspire, Motorola Atrix, and Samsung Captivate).

So, what are the benefits of each major platform and what might seem to fit best for me?

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 10:35

1. KRiderZero (Posts: 2; Member since: 04 Aug 2011)

Come on, guys, a little help here? Please?

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