iPad Mini 3 endures a “hipster” bend test, followed by a 50-caliber sniper shot

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It’s slow-motion action time, where we get to see some practical examination of how gadgets withstand things like getting dropped, getting dunked, or getting shot (in some parts of the world, that could be argued as a practical consideration, sadly).

Of course, the gang at RatedRR wanted to add a little bit to how the new Apple iPad Mini 3 would hold up to some types of abuse, so Rick Ryan wore is best pair of not-so-tight jeans, and jammed the tablet in his pocket. The iPad Mini 3 did just fine under the circumstances, and does not seem prone to bend too easily. It passed the dunk test too.

Then there’s the real test, how does it stand up to a shot from a Barrett M82A1 50-caliber sniper round? Well, like its bigger cousin, the iPad Air 2, the new iPad Mini 3 experiences destruction in a spectacular fashion.

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