Windows Phone 7 ad promises 'revolution'

Windows Phone 7 ad promises 'revolution'
The following Windows Phone 7 ad is part of their $1 billion marketing campaign for their new OS. It was featured at a London showing of Lawrence of Arabia (randomly enough).
As nothing really occurs in the ad, it's hard to say much about it. The desert scene and music are certainly in keeping with the theme of the feature presentation, but the ad merely tells us that "The Revolution is Coming...", and then it briefly displays the Windows Phone 7 home screen.

For those of us that have been on the edge of our seats for more WP7 news, this is definitely tantalizing to see the OS on the big screen. For the rest of us, we might not be quite convinced that it constitutes a revolution.

source: windowsphoneuk (YouTube) via Engadget



1. Verizon SUX unregistered

Just like the Kin right ??? f u windows microsoft and verizon.....bunch of steers

2. lol unregistered

I take it your one of the few that actually bought the KIN? Windows phones do suck, but don"t get mad a Verizon for you poor purchase decisions lol

3. bratboo unregistered

WT!! They wasted cash on this kind of advertisement! I'm tired to see the desktop UI can't they at least feature other cool thing about their OS? I was actually waiting for this but the excitement is vanishing as all I can see with their ad is the desktop UI. Kind of sad... Microsoft Mobile lover but now I'm having second thoughts.. I wonder if I should just switch OS?! Well I just hope when they release it, it will have a big impact to the world!

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