These cellphones are stunning

These cellphones are stunning
44 year old Michael Van Peter Hout was fined $8,000 for smuggling stun guns into Australia without receiving approval. The interesting part is how this nefarious deed was accomplished. Mr. Van Peter Hout had received a package from China back in December. Inside were twenty weapons disguised to look like cellphones. It is a good thing that the authorities caught on to the deception, otherwise we would imagine that if the weapons got into the hands of a cellphone user, he/she could have been in for quite a shocking experience. Still, we have seen some of the strange handsets that have come out of China including the infamous razor-cellphone combo. Whose to say that these weren't simply just unfinished prototypes of a Taser-cellphone combination that was being devised?

source: SydneyMorningHerald



1. jrcrow79

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2. messiah

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should just be an apps

3. o.o unregistered

LOL next app Istun and Ishot you can shoot and stun your friends and coulleages XD

9. phoenix87

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Imagine making a call with this phone. LOL.

4. russellw10

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Lol, i saw this in a gun show a few weeks ago.

5. sd unregistered


6. NOVAinc

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Allowing visitors message will be the beginning of the site's commenters section end...

7. PapaJay224

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WOW! I agree! I think its far more annoying to comment and enter my email, I just assume register than have to do that all the time.

8. phoenix87

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DAM.. this is going to make me souns sexist. This will be a good phone for women.

10. Dood

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Yes! The razor with an actual razor gets another mention!!

11. corporateJP

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Tasers are illegal in Australia? That's the real story here.

12. M3rkSauce

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Haha thats great. If he were caught in america...thats some BIG jail time. Lucky those down under are less strict. 8grand and a slap on the wrist...pathetic

13. evan115 unregistered

wouldnt wanna pocket dial this phone

14. shimmyx20

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what shocking news

15. wieg86 unregistered

hello, The name is probably Peter van Hout instead of Van Peter Hout. Van is the word between the first and last name is Holland.


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Anyone with a flash light app be careful! If you had it turned on they may mistake it this!!!!

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