Sprint launches HTC Touch Pro tomorrow

Sprint launches HTC Touch Pro tomorrow
After a delay, Sprint officially announced that starting tomorrow, it will offer the HTC Touch Pro in "select national retailers". However, if you are into online shopping, you'd have to wait until November 02, when the phone will be available in all Sprint sales channels. It will cost $300 after a $100 mail-in rebate, a two-year contract and with a $25-or-higher data add-on or Everything plan with data. It is $50 more than the Touch Diamond, which seems as a good deal if you are looking for a device equipped with a full QWERTY. By the way, in the review of the GSM variant of the phone, we noted that its 5-row keyboard is one of the best we've seen, so it really is worth it.

HTC Touch Pro CDMA Specifications

source: Sprint



1. unregistered

Yes, this will do nicely. Got a chance to handle one of these. It's a bit taller and thicker than the Diamond, but the fantastic keyboard makes the sacrifice in size well worth it in my opinion. Glad I waited.

2. unregistered

Yuck. The CDMA Touch Pro and Diamond are so ugly compared to the GSM versions. Even Verizon's Touch Pro looks better than the Sprint versions. The rounded edges make it look like a fatter phone.

5. hhaatterr!! unregistered

i know everyone has an openion but there is no way the gsm version of the pro is better looking than the cdma one...and

6. unregistered

sure, the verizon one may look better... but the sprint one has more than twice the ram (128 vs 288)... ill take function over style any day of the week... and thats not an invite for all the vzw fanboys to "brag" about their network... sprint works fine where im at, and it works fine in most areas.... ill take more tv channels and voice guided gps for 100 bucks a month, thank you...

15. unregistered

And I'll take better customer service, a larger network (which I have peace of mind knowing that my phone will work where im at, where im not, where i may be, where im going to be, etc.)... thank you.

17. unregistered

yea and sprints customer service jumped from last to first place have you read lately?

20. unregistered

hell no the sprint one is way better looking....so u dont have to sacrafise anything my friend!!!

21. customer service??? unregistered

customoer service hahahahaha..guess u havent heard the GOOD news..lol sprints #1!!!

24. unregistered

Sprints customer service may have jumped to first place in time it takes to resolve a call but when you hang up you realize nothing has really been resolved. They sub their calls out to Manilla, Phillipines, etc and the quality of service is just not there. In my opinion their customer service has gotten even worse.

26. Happy Customer unregistered

Every cellular company is gonna have its glitches. Im happy with my sprint service, which I have had for about a year now. It works everywhere I need 2 go & everywhere I even think about going. The customer service has improved tremendously!!!! I was so tired of talking to people with accents so deep that I couldnt understand what they were trying to tell me and people who could barely even speak a word of English. The people know what they r talking about now. I mean nothing is gonna improve overnight, but its getting closer. Thats my peace about it.

3. unregistered

The phone looks Great got mine yesterday and I most say, what a great phone. Best buy $299 with 20% off smart phone purchase came up to $239. I must have called 25 best buys here in southern Cali, most of them weren't to sell them until Oct.26 but found one that had 3 in stock and I was the lucky one.

4. unregistered

How did you get the 20% off? Was is advertised in store or did or have to ask someone?

7. unregistered

It gets better than that. 20% off 299.99 + tax. The 20% off is from Reward Zone @ BestBuy. You can just sign up on the fly, right @ the store and get the 20% discount. Otay, ready for more - with the purchase of the phone you get 250 points (1 point per $1 purchased) on your new Reward Zone Account. 250 points equals 5.00 gift certificate. Wow, and you thought there would not be a early Christmas this year... Cheers

11. unregistered

reward zone card its free and you can get it online its great! special offer 20% of smart phones except iphone and unlocked phones they say.

14. unregistered

Thanks. I purchased the phone last nite but I forgot to ask about the reward zone. But No worries, I went back to the store today and they gave me a price adjustment. I absolutely love this phone!!!!! BestBuy is great, the phone is cheaper there than it will be when it finally comes to the sprint store.

8. unregistered

Best Buy doesn't carry Sprint phones anymore.

10. unregistered

yes they do thats where i got mine from!

22. unregistered

best buy is one of sprints biggest indirect accounts you retard .

23. unregistered

Best Buy stopped selling Sprint in certain markets a while back. I know that the Philadelphia stores only carry Sprint air cards.

25. me unregistered

why are you all so angry in these chat rooms

9. unregistered

i have mine lol

12. unregistered

Bestbuy sure does carry sprint phone, well the ones here in southern Cali do, Got my Sprint touch Pro From them!

18. unregistered

San Diego County Best Buys no longer carry Sprint...sorry. In fact the closest BB I found to have it in stock is Fullerton (about 90 miles)

13. unregistered

Where Can i find a picture of the real verizon touch pro. i dont know how people can say the gsm version is better... Sprint's pro looking very elegant yes its thicker than the gsm version but its for the bigger battery which everyone will thank cause the gsm version wont last long. If any one can show me a picture of the verizon pro i would really appreciated it...

16. unregistered

I called every Sprint Store in San Diego and none of them had the touch pro.

19. unregistered

Does anyone had the unlock code for ringo for windows mobile?

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