Samsung sets the date for its 2018 Developer Conference

Samsung sets the date for its 2018 Developer Conference
Like any major player out there that deals with software and hardware, Samsung has its own Developer Conference, held annually. During the event, the company reveals new software, discusses updates and progress on old projects, and announces software development kits for the developer community. It's the place to go if you want to build apps and services for Samsung devices, as the event is good for both networking as well as direct discussions with Samsung teams.

The company has just unveiled the time and place for its Samsung Developer Conference in 2018 — it'll be held in San Francisco, on the 7th and 8th of November.

As far as what panels would be featured and what'll be discussed — that's still up in the air. Information on how to register will also be shared "soon".


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1. Zylam

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And what OS are they going to talk about, Tizen? Software development kits, for what? TouchWiz exclusive apps that only run on Samsung phones? How does that work with the "Open" and "Choice" based nature of Android. Are they going to let people know why 90% of their phones below the S series run outdated versions of Android with varying versions of the Samsung experience? And why it takes a company the size of Samsung an entire year to release a new version of Android for it's flagship phones? Samsung is eating Android alive, the disrespect they show to the core experience with massive amounts of bloat and duplicate apps is astonishing. Google really needs to step up and put the OEM's in place, otherwise we will never get rid of fragmentation. Samsung should put it's money where it's mouth is and ship it's phones with a homegrown OS, Tizen or otherwise. Then we'll see how loyal their fanbase is when there'll have no apps or relevant google services to go with a 1000 dollar Note. We are finally getting genuine stock Android phones from Nokia/Moto/One Plus and Google across the spectrum, and more OEM's are jumping on board and destroying Samsung's bottomline with faster, more up to date and cheaper phones. Their newest flagship is already starting to lose sales.

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