Samsung A737 and LG CU515 available with AT&T

Samsung A737 and LG CU515 available with AT&T
As expected, Samsung SGH-A737 was launched with AT&T. The stylish slider offers global roaming, due to the supported quad-band GSM standard as well as dual-band UMTS and HSDPA, restricting the use of 3G data to the US territory. Featuring camera with 1.3 megapixels resolution, it’s not just the right choice for picture-shooting device, but the stereo Bluetooth and the 50 MB internal memory, expandable by the microSD card slot make the device suitable for the music fans. The price of Samsung A737 with AT&T, along with a two year contract and after a mail-in rebate, is $49.99.

Meanwhile the #1 US carrier launched LG CU515, which was initially available only at What is interesting, the phone costs $69.99 when you buy it with two year contract with the carrier and $49.99, when purchased at the Amazon shopping portal.

source: AT&T



1. BEC. unregistered

I LOVE THIS PHONE. here's a little review from my perspective: -call quality is good for me. i always get 3 bars or more but then again i don't travel to outrageous places or deserted areas. -the LCD screen is truly amazing! and watching movies on it is awesome. it's so clear and vivid. -the features on this phone include mp3 player/music, videos, voice recording, calendars/stopwatch, and a lot more. -texting on this phone (if you're a heavy texter [like me]) is a BREEZE. the buttons are the perfect size and not too big -the phone is so small and thin and LIGHT and compact! and i love slider phones so that just adds the love to this phone from me! -the camera and its 1.3 mp takes good photos and look great when set as wallpaper. ive had this phone for about 3 years now and it still works like new (with not many scratches and believe me i am clumsy) so to sum up: GET THIS PHONE. makes calls and much more - for free from at&t! (email is feel free to contact!)

2. Taresa unregistered

This phone is actually really good.. I got it thinking "This phone looks really curvy and thick. I wonder if the buttons are the right size." When I got it I was like is this the phone i ordered?? The samsung a737 is really slim and a good size to fit in the palm of the hand. im your average teenage girl, and i've got unlimited texting and the buttons are a great size. the camera takes awesome pics i'm always listening to music on my phone too. the only thing better than this is.. NOTHING! basically you cant go wrong since a refurb is free from at&t with a 2yr contract. good luck - hope you get this phone.

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