Paranoid Android v4.3 Beta 2 update brings bugfixes and laid-back notifications

Paranoid Android v4.3 Beta 2 update brings bugfixes and laid-back notifications

The Paranoid Android team pushed anupdate to its popular 3rd-party ROM. Bringing Paranoid Android toversion 4.3 Beta 2, the update introduces some community-requestedfixes and features. The default hide time for notifications has beenincreased to 5 seconds. The so-called "notification spam"has been solved by increasing the time between displaying subsequentnotifications to 2.5 seconds. Tapping outside of Hover now dismissesthe overlay in 1.5 seconds, instead of 0.75s. In addition, the teamhas added the ability to disable IME notification while its workingon full blacklist support. Furthermore, a bug in two-finger pulldownwas fixed, and in-call UI was updated, along with more bug fixes.

The PA team acknowledges that the ROMis in need of a better notifications implementation because of theway Hover handles some messaging apps. Hangouts users, for example,will receive the first notification from a given contact or group butwon't be notified of other updates until this first notification isdismissed.

source: ParanoidAndroid (Google+)



1. networkdood

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Wow, impressive that PhoneArena is covering news about an Android ROM developer...

2. imMature

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My Nexus 4 is runs on Paranoid. The team is super awesome!

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