Palm Pre Plus & Pixi Plus touches down onto O2 UK's lineup

Palm Pre Plus & Pixi Plus touches down onto O2 UK's lineup
The Palm Pre isn't going to be the sole webOS offering on O2 UK's web site as the Plus models have finally invaded the turf. O2 UK customers can now take part in the pleasures of owning either the Palm Pre Plus or Pixi Plus that of course offers a tad better overall experience. From the looks of it, customers won't be looking to pay that much out of their pockets immediately as it's available for free on most monthly plans offered by the wireless carrier. The timing is just about right as we're closing in on that one year anniversary since the very first webOS handset by Palm was released to the world. However, it'll be interesting to see what kind of sales O2 UK will be having with these two latest smartphones.

Palm Pixi Plus Specifications | Review (CDMA)
Palm Pre Plus Specifications | Review (CDMA)

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