Office Mobile 2010 to come with WM 6.5 devices exclusively

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Office Mobile 2010 to come with WM 6.5 devices exclusively
Office 2010 should roll out really soon and we will probably see the mobile version, Office Mobile 2010 hit the shelves along with it. The interesting thing is the office suite allows easy sharing and accessing of documents over the Internet. According to the FAQ published on the webpage dedicated to the beta version, the application will be compatible with all Windows Mobile 6.5 handsets. The documents published on the Internet (via SharePoint Server 2010) will be accessible by people using smartphones like the iPhone, RIM devices and Symbian-based cell phones, but it seems the service will be unavailable to owners of Android and webOS devices, two of the most popular platforms today. 

We look forward to getting more information about Office Mobile 2010 and we will share it with you the minute we have it.

source: Microsoft via MobileTechWorld


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1. cansler

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Does it lookt to anyone else like M$ is trying to muscle out or black-ball Android? I think they worry that if Android was capable of working with things like Office documents it will spell doom for them. I'm not so sure that that's not too far off the mark. Linux is a much more stable platform to work within (which is what Android is based on). I wish I got in on the ground floor of programming when I had the chance. Now a lot of this stuff is way beyond me. I also wish I could 'quit' M$ and go with something else. But, alas, I need them for those blasted office suites. I think I'm going to learn to use Open Office as well as I know M$ Office and see if a can't make a clean break from the giant. I would love to go with a Linux based PC at home and on my netbook and an Android phone for the sheer open-source-ability of it all. Now that I don't play games on my PC anymore, I don't think I need it to run M$ as much as I used to. M$ and Apple (iPhone/iPod) are very similar. They are not the best, just the most popular.

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