Nokia’s S60 Touch doesn’t actually require touch?

Nokia’s S60 Touch doesn’t actually require touch?
In June 2007 Nokia’s Touch User Interface patent has been filed. The documents reveal that the Finnish manufacturer has managed to go around most of the things that Apple may get IP protection on. The interesting thing here is that instead of trying to invent a new touch technology it looks more like a gesture system i.e. the new devices will be able to distinguish gestures and react to them. That will be achieved through Ultrasonic Transducers located around the display. Ultrasonic transducers emit ultrasonic sound waves that propagate through air. When finger gets into the path of these waves, the signal is reflected back and detected by the transducer. But then again a patent application doesn’t always mean the real thing, it could be just a rough sketch of ideas…

source: Unwired View


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