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"Nokia Pulse" concept moves your projection

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It's not something new and we've seen plenty of accessories or phones that have a built-in projector. One of the glaring issues with most of them is usually the lack of battery time with the device. Nokia has a concept in mind dubbed as the “Nokia Pulse” that will allow users to use the accessory and control its functions through a cell phone. The obvious features are the ability to project an image or video on any surface - and also be able to adjust it via controls on your phone. So all you do is plop the device on a surface and use your mobile phone to have your projection moved.  It'll also have a NXT speaker with Dolby technology. While not ground breaking, let's just hope that the battery life will exceed the expectations of users.

via Nokia Mobile Blog

"Nokia Pulse" concept moves your projection
"Nokia Pulse" concept moves your projection

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