Motorola MOTO Z9 approved by FCC, really coming to AT&T?

Motorola MOTO Z9 approved by FCC, really coming to AT&T?
In the middle of 2007, the first evidence about the existence of the MOTO Z9 appeared, together with a few live pictures. The RAZR2-like slider caught our attention with the stylish look and the AT&T branding, clearly making a statement that the #1 U.S. carrier is testing it and may offer it.

Today, FCC revealed a few more pictures, as well as the manual of the phone. Again, the AT&T branding is in place. Earlier rumors pointed to a February release, but obviously, the customers would have to wait a little more to get their hands on the phone, which is not officially announced yet.

MOTO Z9 is 3G capable, with a GPS, 2-megapixel camera and Linux-Java OS, which is used in the U9, V8, and E8.

Motorola MOTO Z9 Preliminary Specifications

source: FCC



1. George unregistered

that is a cool phone

2. Dan unregistered

This is what a like to see. Moto did well on this phone

3. MotoRolex unregistered

This phone is beatiful, unlike that other RIZR crap phones but this one will probably be super tall again but is has 2.4" screen. Very nice hopefully is will be touch screen too.

4. unregistered

it looks similar to lg's chocolate 2

5. Z9 unregistered

Z9 can support 16 GB mirco SD card with Napster supported !!

6. Cesar Cardoso unregistered

I've searched the FCC and found nothing about this phone. Does it REALLY run the LJ/Motomagx OS? It was supposed to run Synergy...

7. unregistered

this looks like an awesome phone! i told my parents i want it for my christmas present but i dont know, well see

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