Microsoft clarifies NFC support status: it's not there yet

Microsoft clarifies NFC support status: it's not there yet
Just a couple of days ago, a UK-based Microsoft product manager led us into thinking that Windows Phone Mango already has NFC support and it just needs to be enabled by device manufacturers. “So, if any OEM wants to enable it, that can be done by all means,” he mistakenly said earlier prompting an official clarification from Microsoft.

"While NFC is not currently supported on Windows Phone 7.5, it is coming. We expect NFC-enabled Windows Phone devices to ship within the next year,” a Microsoft spokesperson set the record straight.

This falls in line with Microsoft’s previous promises of bringing NFC on its phones in 2012. NFC, an abbreviation for Near Field Communications technology, allows secure transfers of small chunks of data and is the technology behind mainstream phone-based payment systems. Google Wallet for example uses NFC for quick payments from your cell phone.


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