Humor and irony: The Onion gave us a glimpse of Apple Watch UI and wheel six years ago

While the Apple Watch is making the rounds and people get used to Apple’s vision for a wearable that is uniquely “Apple,” there are some interesting takes on the user interface.

Beyond the home button and the hexagonal app icons, there is that crown-wheel. You can spin that thing to zoom in and out of the app screen, or scroll down the list of messages or select a pre-defined response.

Does that all seem oddly familiar? Well if you follow any of the humor from The Onion, you may remember their parody take on a “revolutionary new laptop,” the “MacBook Wheel.” Spinning that giant wheel offers a rather familiar looking “spinning” interface on the screen. All foretold in the patently “Onion” fashion over six years ago. Who knew?

via: Jonathan Zdziarski


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