Google to police comments in Android Market

Google to police comments in Android Market
People have always been able to voice their opinions freely on apps released in the Android Market. There are some people out there that leave remarks that are downright wrong and almost nothing relavent to the application. Some comments left on there are serious hateful remarks that are derogatory towards certain ethnic groups. In the light of it all, a Google representative stated that the company is taking up the issue very seriously and intent on "aggressively taking down offensive comments." Google also indicated that they "improved our tools to make scanning and removing comments much faster and easier." Almost everyone reads comments about a specific application before downloading to gather input about it. Obviously, a lot of positive remarks will hint towards a download for a user. Being mindful and respectful towards others are some key ground rules to always abide by.

via: AndroidGuys


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1. Legion

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Sounds alot like another organization I know.........If this is the internet 2.0 count me out. I think people forget sometimes what the internet is for and get all hurt over a line of text of all things.

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