GIGABYTE G1305 Codfish will head to Orange as the Boston?

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GIGABYTE G1305 Codfish will head to Orange as the Boston?
Not too long ago that the GIGABYTE G1305 was spotted on camera sporting some interesting green colored accents, but the latest news point to its eventual rendezvous with Orange. Not only will all the features mentioned previously be intact, but it now looks to take the moniker of “Boston” over the existing Codfish name attached to it – its Bluetooth certification actually mentions it by the name of Boston; so it's probable that it'll stick. As we last heard, it was going to be powered by Android 1.6 – but there are speculations that it could land the much coveted Android 2.1 platform instead. Still, there is no official price or confirmed launch date for this device – although Orange customers can look forward to its eventual release soon.

source: Bluetooth SIG via Unwired View



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