Bing Travel Beta app now out for Windows Phone

Bing Travel Beta app now out for Windows Phone

Bing has reinforced its presence onWindows Phone with a new addition to the family, the Bing Travel app.Currently in a beta state, the Microsoft-made travel guide bringssome of the best WP-style visuals around, complete with a range offunctionality for travelers, such as news and tourism articles,flight planning (fares, arrivals, departures), searching fordestinations and nearby attractions, weather data, and more.

As the “beta” tag points out, someof the functionality is still rough around the edges. Users should beprepared for unexpected blank pages and the occasional hick-ups.While Bing Travel Beta currently isn't your best option for a mobiletravel guide, Microsoft will continue to look after the app and thefinished product should serve you nicely on a trip.

If you want to try Bing Travel Beta,head to the Windows Phone Store from the link below. The app requiresa Windows Phone 8 device.

Download: WindowsPhone

via: NeoWin


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1. elitewolverine

Posts: 5192; Member since: Oct 28, 2013

Seems like they are getting closer to a RT and Phone integration since RT has these apps. Windows 9 i suppose.

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