Best vinyl skins for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7: sleek protection

Although it might seem unsafe, putting the Note 7's body in a case, albeit smart, is a crime against the sleek visuals of the phone. Well, if you're not a "case guy" and like to handle your devices naked, then you are probably in for some bad time! 

If you don't want to put a case on your phone, no one can force you to, but there's still something you can do to give it some protection against the elements and prevent any accidental damage that might happen to your device – you can throw in a 3М vinyl skin and call it a day.

We are definitely fans of these, and we have shown you tons of nifty skins for the more notable flagships out there already. Being such a "hot" and anticipated device, it comes to no surprise that skins for the phone are already available for pre-order.

dBrand, one of our favorite skin makers, already has a surplus of these listed on its website, which will ship alongside the phone - August 19. Slickwraps also has a nice selection of skins. Here are the best ones by both accessory makers!




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