Best new Android, iPhone and Windows Phone apps of May 2015

May is traditionally a strong month for apps as the Google I/O event at the end of the month usually brings quite a lot of excitement for software. This time around, Google Photos was the huge announcement, and it's indeed big news: free photo storage in the cloud for images of up to 16-megapixels and videos of up to 1080p, with easy sharing, and super smooth and good-looking companion apps for iPhone and Android.

A lot of other companies, previously developing great apps for desktop, are also now starting to make their way onto mobile. Pixelmator's debut on iOS this month is great news for photo enthusiasts, as it brings truly rich editing options. Naturally, it has its limitations on that smallish phone screen, but it's great having this kind of possibilities on mobile anyway.

That's hardly all that's new and noteworthy in the world of iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone apps for May 2015. With no more teasers and no further ado, take a look at our selection of the very best new mobile apps right below.

Google Photos

Price: Free
Download for iOS, Android

Google's brand-new and updated Photos app comes to iOS to help you store a lifetime of memories. The app is linked to Google's cloud service, giving you an unlimited storage for photos of a 16 MP resolution or less. Additionally, there are plenty of enhancements to make it more user-friendly – like searching for pictures from events and places, even if you didn't explicitly tag them when you took them.


Price: $4.99
Download on iOS

Pixelmator is a powerful, full-featured, layer-based image editor that lets you touch up and enhance images, sketch and paint, as well as create complex image compositions on iPad and iPhone alike.

Wi-Fi Mapper

Price: Free
Download on iOS

The data scientists at OpenSignal are bringing this useful app to help you find free and strong Wi-Fi spots in places all across the globe. This app would be particularly useful for travelers looking to get online, and maybe not so much for locals who have 4G/3G data on their plan anyway.

Microsoft Hyperlapse

Price: Free
Download on Android

Hyperlapse uses some clever Microsoft-made algorithms that stabilize your video and turn it into smooth awesomeness (that could also be recorded in beautiful slow or fast motion).


Price: Free
Download on iOS, Android, Windows Phone

The MixRadio music streaming application that started as a Nokia exclusive on the Windows Phone platform has now officially made its way onto Android and iOS. With two tiers: a free and premium one, you get to have Spotify-like functionality for a lower price (if you choose premium), and you also get some nice curated playlists to explore.


Price: Free
Download for iOS | Android

Avid gamers know what Twitch is – it's a service where you can stream yourself playing your favorite games, or, more precisely, watch others stream themselves and weep over how you will never be this good. You can now do the latter activity from the comfort of your mobile device!


Price: Free
Download for iOSAndroid

Twitter's take on Meerkat – a live-streaming app that allows you to show anything you are currently witnessing to the whole world... or at least your followers on Twitter. The app will sync with your blue bird account and inform your subscribers when you are streaming. Of course, you can also just jump in and watch popular streams, comment on them, favorite, and follow.

Office Lens

Price: Free
Download for iOSAndroid

A Microsoft-made app that helps you preserve schematics, lectures, notes, and anything else by taking a picture of it. The software will let you crop and adjust the image, then convert it into edit-able PDF, Word, of PowerPoint files.


Price: $1.99
Download on iOS, Android

Lenka is a remarkably simple yet powerful, dedicated black & white camera app developed in France by world renowned photographer Kevin Abosch ( for professionals & amateurs alike, to create beautiful black & white photographs.


Price: $7.99
Download for iOS

A note-taking app that doesn't force you to put away the paper and pencil – quite the contrary. You can use Carbo to take a picture of whatever notes you take and the app's rendering technology will turn them into digital versions of themselves, tucked in your phone's memory. You can also edit them and doodle or mark whatever changes you need to.

Layout for Instagram

Price: Free
Download for iOSAndroid

Layout for Instagram does pretty much what the name suggests - allows you to lay out images in collages. The app is made by Instagram's own developers, so it should be pretty much the best as far as actual integration goes.

Paint Paper Studio

Price: Free
Download for iOS

Paint paper lets you add doodles and text to pictures or blank canvases, filled with various vibrant colors. If you are one who likes to create lots of images to communicate ideas or funnies – you may enjoy this one for a while.

Hyperlapse Mobile

Price: Free
Download on Windows Phone

Microsoft Hyperlapse is a new technology that creates smooth and stabilized time lapses from first-person videos. Want to show your friends what you saw on that 12-mile hike you took last weekend, or let them experience how it felt to fly down the mountain on your recent ski trip? With Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile, you can time lapse those experiences on the go, distilling them into easily consumable, enjoyable experiences.

Revenue for DevCenter

Price: Free
Download on Windows Phone

Revenue for DevCenter is an app to check all your earnings, statements and daily revenue reports.

Expedia Hotels

Price: Free
Download on Windows Phone

The Expedia Hotels, Flights, Cars & Activities app allows you to book your hotel or flight when you're on the go, and it comes with a Best Price Guarantee for a peace of mind that you can get the best deals.

At Bat

Price: Free
Download on Windows Phone

The official app of Major League Baseball brings Push Notifications for breaking news, lead changes. It also has a live scoreboard, news, standings, and schedules. Finally, it allows you to pin your favorite teams to the Start screen for direct access to the team page.


Price: Free
Download on Windows Phone

Trakter app enables you to track your favorite TV shows, your progress of watched episodes, and you can also make a watchlist for movies, you want to watch. The app uses the cloud-based service, where it gets all related data for TV shows and movies.



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There's also Hyperlapse Pro for Windows (x86) It has extra features like support for 1080p output and 60 fps

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Why the WP link for office lens is not provided? It was on WP before arrival to IOS and Android. And what happened to comment 2?

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And so is Hyperlapse. I don't think PA likes WP much...

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Where's the cat?!, I came here for the cat!

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it's a trap :(

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