Best new Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone apps of January 2015

Best new Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone apps of January 2015
2015 is off to a busy start as we have seen CES bring us a lot of new devices in the beginning of the month, and leaks around the most exciting flagship Android phones intensifying, but it was also a good month for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone apps.

Microsoft’s Outlook application in particular has arrived on Android and iOS as one of the most feature-rich and good-looking email applications, while in the creative world companies like Adobe have introduced their industry-standard apps like Lightroom to Mobile.

We also have the usual infusion of great single-purpose apps with some entries that will help you find the cheapest plane ticket, and an app that helps you navigate around your city on that micro level.

This and plenty more you can find in our selection of the best new Android, iPhone and Windows Phone apps for January 2015.

Microsoft Outlook

Price: Free
Category: Email
Download on Android | iOS

This new Outlook is all the more quite different from Microsoft's Outlook Web App for Android - it's a much more functional and well-designed solution for those who can't live without their Outlook email client. Well, we were quite sure that this will be the case indeed, as Outlook for Android is nothing else but slightly redesigned Acompli, a former iOS and Android mobile email app, as Microsoft acquired its eponymous developer roughly two months ago. We have no gripes with this - after all, Acompli was among the better email clients available, so it's natural that Outlook Preview follows suit.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Price: Free (req's subscription)
Category: Image editing
Download on Android | iOS

What does Lightroom for Android allow you to do, exactly? Provided that you have one of the required Adobe subscription plans, you can sync the photos you have inside the full-blown Lightroom 5 program on your desktop to your smartphone and edit them directly from your phone. The true strength of the app, however, lies in its ability to edit RAW images that you've taken with your DSLR camera.

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) for tablet

Price: Free
Category: Office
Download on Android (Word | Excel | PowerPoint)

Microsoft's Office for tablets is a fully functional office suite that has finally arrived to Android tablets boosting the productivity of users. You have separate Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, with all the editing power attached to them.

Charlie Hebdo

Price: Free
Category: Media
Download on Android | iOS

The tragic events around the Paris shootings have consolidated the civilised world around the defense of freedom of speech, and the French Charlie Hebdo magazine has become a symbol of that idea. What the shooting did actually had an opposite effect as Charlie Hebdo is now widely available on iOS and Android, and more popular than ever.


Price: Free
Category: Flights reference
Download on iOS

Hopper is a true gem for frequent travelers. It not only allows you to search for flights, but it also tells you when you can buy the cheapest ones and when travelling could be more expensive, so that you can adjust your plans accordingly.


Price: Free
Category: City mapping
Download on iOS

The Citymapper is the perfect companion app for those of us who live in a busy city. Whether, you need to find transit times or just get directions for your city, this app covers both.

Hide My Phone!

Price: Free
Category: Dialler
Download on Android

The option to buy a foreign number and use it to hide your real one could be invaluable for businesses and some individuals, and this is exactly what this app does.

Manual Camera

Price: $1.99
Category: Imaging
Download on Android

Manual Camera does one thing well: give you a full manual control over your camera including control over ISO, shutter speed, and white balance. Android 5.0 Lollipop required.


Price: Free
Category: Camera
Download on Android | iOS

Camu is another brilliant, straightforward app with a live preview of filters that look great.

123D Sculpt+

Price: Free
Category: 3D sculpting
Download on Android | iOS

You can create 3D sculptures with Autodesk 123D Sculpt+, design your creation, then add detailed features or paint on skin, fur, and feathers.


Price: Free
Category: Image storage
Download on iOS

With Trunx, you can store and share all your pictures in what the company claims is a safe, private and secure photo vault without worrying about space on your device.


Price: Free
Category: Tickets
Download on iOS

StubHub is a mobile app that allows you to buy tickets for all the interesting local events.


Price: Free ($9.99 monthly sub req'd)
Category: Spotify for ebooks
Download on Android | iOS

Oyster is often called the Spotify for eBooks for its $10 monthly subscription service that gives you all-you-can-eat books. It's not exactly a new app, but it has picked up pace with over 1 million books in its catalog, has a brilliant UI, and is on its way to revolutionize book reading.


Price: Free
Category: Contacts management
Download on iOS

What if there was a way to have all your contracts from all your various online ventures including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more? FullContact does a great job integrating all of them in one place.

Lazy Swipe

Price: Free
Category: Tools
Download on Android

Lazy Swipe is a nice tool that brings all your apps in an easy to reach dial interface.

Facebook Lite (on APK Mirror)

Price: Free
Category: Social
Download on Android

Facebook Lite is just a lighter version of Facebook that runs on even most basic phones and uses a minimum amount of data.


Price: Free
Category: Image management
Download on iOS

This is a free app for you to manage screenshots and grab images, text and links from them.


Price: Free
Category: Media
Download on iOS

Built around the great idea to bring your electronic photos to print, WhiteAlbum allows you to shoot 24-frame sets of images and have them printed and sent to you anywhere in the world for a price of $20 (with free shipping).


Price: Free
Category: Cloud storage
Download on Windows Phone

When we speak about the sore lack of core apps, we think about apps like Dropbox missing on Windows Phone. Luckily, that's no longer the case - the cloud storage company has released its official app for Microsoft's platform.


Price: Free
Category: Music streaming
Download on Windows Phone

Spotify has been on Windows Phone for a while now, but only in January was it really updated to a modern and actually pleasant to use version. It still does not have all the latest bells and whistles that the iPhone and Android apps have, but at least it no longer looks pre-historic.

Remember to Drink

Price: Free
Category: Health
Download on Windows Phone

Staying properly hydrated has a big importance for our well-being and this app allows us to not forget about drinking H2O.

8-bit Weather

Price: Free
Category: Weather
Download on Windows Phone

This is our favorite weather app! Just kidding, there are just too many such apps, but 8-bit Weather has irresistably nostalgic looks that are transformed to be practical, and just look great when applied to the weather.

VLC Beta

Price: Free
Category: Media Players
Download on Windows Phone

The VLC player is one of the most popular video players on the planet, and it arrives in a beta form on Windows Phone.



1. SuperAndroidEvo

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That cat looks very soft!

2. luis.d

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Ooh, look! A kitty!

3. jaytai0106

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9. AfterShock

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Cat Readiing!!!!??!!! That's why some of my gear is mysteriously out of power when I go to use it!!!

4. akki20892

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5. blazee

Posts: 414; Member since: Jan 02, 2012

City mapper has been out for a really long time

6. josephnero

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Charlie Hebdo?Best apps?Really?

8. bigmaster

Posts: 198; Member since: Sep 05, 2014

Yeah... I was like: WTF?!

7. redmd

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Looks like windows phone is catching app. kudos to devs!

12. KennyKB

Posts: 11; Member since: Jan 31, 2015

Are you a Windows Phone user? You are so deprived that even fart apps and oldies appear Godsent. Read my comment no. 11

13. CossackE

Posts: 1; Member since: Feb 02, 2015

To be honest, Outlook and Microsoft Office suite apps could be considered oldies too, since they've been on Windows phone for years now. Same could be said about HERE suite that was featured here some time ago. So by your logic, Android is lagging behind? Also, I believe, Windows Phone has a much larger market outside U.S.A., and doesn't have an app gap in countries like India and Brazil.

11. KennyKB

Posts: 11; Member since: Jan 31, 2015

Nothing much for Windows Phone is there? If simple pointless apps like 'Remember to Drink' and '8 bit weather' are touted as best new apps there is no hope for this platform. The rest are oldies on Android. "Remember to Drink" reminds me of the early days of Samsung's bada os where such apps by amateur programmers abound.

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