Best new Android and iPhone apps of the week (November 17th - November 23rd)

Best new Android and iPhone apps of the week (November 17th - November 23rd)
Another week has passed, and another heap of apps has been uploaded to the App Store and Play Store. For those who wish to try new apps on a regular basis, sifting through all of the new ones may be a daunting task. But fear not – we're here to help, as each week, we comb through the stores and pick some of the more eye-catching apps that are out there.

This week around, we have a couple of cool photo-editing apps, a new cloud services contender, and an app that lets you share your favorite pubcrawling routes with your friends. Check them out, let us know which ones tickled your fancy. If you know of a brand-new app that deserves to be in this list, but we overlooked – drop us a line and we will find a way to have it mentioned in the future!

New for iOS


Price: $2.99
Download for iOS

Pikazo is a cool app that lets you blend your own photos with famous art pieces. The result should be a blend, which makes your photo look like it has been painted in the style of the popular painting you chose. In the words of the developer, this sometimes work great, sometimes gives you so-so results, and sometimes just plain fails. Still, a pretty cool app to play around with!


Price: free
Download for iOS

This app mixes the idea of photo collages with moving GIF images. As a result, you get a 4 panel shot with 4 independent short clips looping in each panel. The final product can be exported as a still image, a movie, or a GIF file. The rest is up to you and your creativity!


Price: free
Download for iOS

Weer is a beautifully looking, simple, and intuitive weather app. It basically consists of a single screen, showing you temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, together with a few cards at the bottom, which display the general forecast for the next few days. The UI is flat and colorful and the background is actually a blurred image of what your iPhone camera is currently seeing, so it creates a very dynamic, cool feeling when you interact with the app.

Slug Mobile

Price: free
Download for iOS

Slug lets you mark your favorite spots to visit when you are on a specific route. You can enter your favorite landmarks in a city or your favorite bars for when you are on a binge. Slug organizes your friends in different circles, so you can share the different routes with different people. If people on your contacts list don't have the app – worry not, they will still get access to your "trails".

New for Android and iOS

Upthere Home & Camera

Download for Android | iOS (Home, Camera)

Upthere is a new cloud service, still in beta. The "Camera" portion lets you shoot and immediately upload images to the cloud. In turn, you get instantly shareable content, and you don't get your phone storage space clogged up. Aditionally, families can share an Upthere Camera cloud so that every time someone makes a picture, the rest will be able to immediately view it. Needless to say, use with care.

Upthere Home aims to solve all of your cloud storage needs by accepting all of your pictures, documents, videos, music, et cetera. Its user interface revolves around easy searching, categorizing, and sharing of all your data. If interested, jump in and test it out while it's still in beta – we've no idea how much the service would cost when it reaches its complete stage.

New for Android

Chrooma Floats

Price: $1.49
Download for Android

This app lets you create custom live wallpapers by mixing and matching a wide array of shapes, animations, color palettes, and a 3D parallax effect. You can also have the wallpaper change up every time you hit Home, or after a specific time interval.

Photo Editor PRO

Price: free
Download for Android

A pretty cool photo retouch app that has all the cookie-cutter features – auto correction, vignette, frame, sharpening, color temperature, stickers, spot repair, so on and so forth. By this point, you are probably firmly clenching Snapseed or at least the Google Photos stock editing tool. But still, if you are a mobile photo freak, give this app a spin – it might just unlock a different sort of creativity in you.


Price: free
Download for Android

Clicklap is still a bit heavy and rough around the edges, but it's too cool of a concept to pass up. Basically, the app lets you record a very short clip of yourself, via the selfie camera, performing some of the most popular smiley face expressions. Then, you can easily access those animations to quickly send to friends.

The system is still a bit clumsy, as what you share is a web-based link, so the other party would have to click the link, then click "play" in the website to watch the full animation. We'd love to see Clicklap evolve into being a Facebook Messenger partner app, for example.

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