Best new Android and iPhone apps of the week (July 28th - August 3rd)

Hello there, app hunters! July has finally rolled away and with it – 4 weeks of new apps. If you've been following closely - you probably know that each Monday, we comb through the App Store and Play Store and stack a few interesting offerings that you might just want to try out and keep. If you've missed a week - fear not, just head to the bottom of this article and see the list of all the picks we posted in the past. If you are on top of that and craving some fresh new apps for your Android or iOS mobile device, go ahead and proceed here for the best new apps that we've managed to get our hands on this past week. Feel like we missed some mindblowing offering? Don't hesitate to let us know, as we will be sure to find a way and put them in the spotlight.

So, we've got some pretty cool apps to help you organize your day better, recognize and set reminders for upcoming movies just from a part of their trailer, manage your notifications, and more. Check them out below and let us know which ones you liked!

New for Android

Accomplish: To Do list reborn

Accomplish is a pretty cool organizational app, which may look like a light calendar, but is in fact a personal daily agenda manager. It lets you create all the tasks you need "to do" at a certain point. Then, just tap and hold on any of the previously made tasks and swipe it over the hour of the day when you want to do it, set the reminder time, and you're done. Pretty sweet for those who are looking for a way to organize their plans, but do not want to go through the sluggish ordeal of creating a calendar event for all of them. It can still sync to your Google calendar, if you wish it to.

Polarr Photo Editor

Polarr has been available on iOS for a while and has recently made the jump to Android. It is a pretty cool editor that gives the user a wide variety of ways to edit their pictures. Employing a unique UI, the app looks a bit cluttered and confusing at first, but we can easily forgive this once we get acquainted with the wide variety of options that it manages to pack right under our thumbs. It's free, but there is a $5 unlock for users who want to create custom filters and selective area editing.

Snowball - Smart Notifications

Snowball is to notifications what Google's Inbox is to Gmail. It lets you mark "unimportant" notifications and even hide messages from apps that just plain annoy you. That way, your phone will beep much less and only annoy you when something important has to come through. Additionally, every notification is actionable, which means you can reply directly through it (if messenger app), or choose to open a number of apps relevant to the event right from the drop-down menu.

Folio for Facebook Browser

If you are still a bit bitter at Facebook for splitting the main app and the Messenger, getting tired of the Facebook app, wish it would be more "Material Design"-ish, or a combination of the three - you may want to give Folio a try. It has a very, very "Google"-esque look to it, and combines messages with its Facebook-browsing capabilities.


If you are feeling a bit paranoid over somebody gaining access to your more secretive pictures, maybe try taking them with CameraV. The app encrypts and password-codes snaps as they are taken. As a bonus, it shows you a mindboggling breakdown of details for a photo once you open the "Info" menu.

New for iOS

Gallery Doctor

Gallery Doctor app analyzes photos from your gallery and suggests the ones that it deems unworthy for your phone's sacred storage space. Don't worry, it won't auto-delete anything – if it's uncertain on some images – it will present them in the form of a card stack, where swiping right on a card saves the photo, while a swipe to the left deletes it (Tinder-esque); this process has auto-learning, which will try to better guess your preferences next time around. As far as images that the app is sure about – it will show them to you in a list of thumbnails, allowing you to "check" the unneeded ones and delete them all in one tap.

Movies trailer finder: MOVIEQU

MOVIEQU is sort of like Shazam, but for movie trailers. Now, sure - "Duh, I don't need a Shazam for that - I can just wait 'til the trailer ends and see the movie's name there". True, but what MOVIEQU does is that it not only recognizes the movie, but also gives you all relevant information about it, and can mark its release date on your calendar so you don't forget to actually watch it.

Shimmer - Animated GIF maker

Shimmer makes GIFs - yeah, that's right there in the name. The app can use any photos from your library, so you are not forced to use it as a snapper. We figure the best way to go about GIF making this way is to just make some burst shots and then glue them together in Shimmer, but we are pretty sure that you can come up with some more creative ways to do some interesting animations.


This little app will let you pick any two photos from your library and superimpose them. It offers some pretty basic controls and leaves things on the simple side, so if you want to do some blending effects quickly, without dabbling too much, maybe try this app.

Animation Desk Cloud

Animation Desk Cloud is a pretty powerful app that allows you to both sketch and create full animations. Unfortunately, while the app is free, it works with a subscription plan only. Still, a pretty viable tool for professionals or semi-pros who want something to create with even when on the go.

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