Best new Android and iPhone apps (December 29th – January 4th)

Salutations, app lovers! Time to start the new year with a list of brand-new apps that have hit the App Store and Play Store in the past week. You know the scoop of it – we sift through the newly uploaded apps for the past 7 days and pick out the good ones, so you don't have to!

This week around, we've got Microsoft's own Selfie, a Karaoke app, a personal to-do motivator, and a couple of UI-enhancing apps for Android. Check them out, let us know which ones you kept, and if there's a new app that you think should be in here, but we missed – do speak up!

New for iOS

Microsoft Selfie

Price: free
Download for iOS

Yet another app to touch-up your mug in that almost-perfect selfie. Microsoft's offering employs a number of algorithms, making its effect smoother and less in-your-face (pardon the pun) than your average everyday “beautify” app. There are plenty of presets to toy around with and it's highly probable that you will find a favorite or two among them. Give it a whirl!


Price: $4.99
Download for iOS

Proud is a to-do app on steroids, combined with productivity scheduling, and bundled up with a highly usage-friendly interface. Certainly a useful app if you are more of the... let's say creative type that tends to get distracted a lot.


Price: free
Download for iOS

This app will instantly read a name, email address, or phone number off of a picture you've taken. The point is that, if you are in a hurry, you won't need to take your time to enter in a number or address manually, but just snap a picture of a business card / poster / ad and then use this app to instantly use that contact.

New for both iOS and Android


Price: free
Download for iOS | Android

If you've been using Instagram for a while now (and you most probably have), you've probably noticed how your stream can get pretty cluttered by all the people you are following. Many resort to saving the photos they have liked on their phone for further sharing purposes, as digging back for images that you have liked before can be a daunting task. Well, ListaPost will help you not only save the photos you liked, but also organize them in custom albums. And that's all in the cloud, not on your phone, so your Download folder can breathe a sigh of relief!

New for Android

Action Launcher 3

Price: free (IAPs)
Download for Android

A light, almost stock-like launcher, with a number of enhancements and improvements. You can add favorite app shortcuts to pop up when you activate the Google search bar, you can have a Quicktheme setting enabled, which will draw color palettes from your wallpaper and apply them to widgets and icons. App folders can be turned into “covers” – tapping on one of these will open an app, while to open the folder, one needs to swipe on it. Apps that have widgets will have a “shutter” mini-icon on them, showing that the user can swipe on top of the app shortcut to open its widget. Lots and lots of stuff to play with for launcher aficionados!


Price: free (IAPs)
Download for Android

YouSing is a really well made karaoke app, with high-quality backing tracks, separate sliders for many voices and instruments, lyrics (naturally), sharing capabilities, and duet modes for friendly collaborations. Many of the songs are locked behind a subscription-based paywall, or the choice to watch ads for “credits”, which you use to unlock songs. Given the quality of the service – we can't say that's a bad deal at all. Happy singing!

Clipboard Actions

Price: free
Download for Android

Clipboard Actions will place an actionable widget inside your notification shade, and fill it with buttons for the most recent things you've copied. If you've copied a phone number – you will have a “call” option, if it was a Web address, you will have a “open website” link, if it was a place, you will get a link to Maps. You get the picture. Pretty cool!

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