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Best new Android and iOS apps (March 10th - 16th)

Best new Android and iPhone apps (March 10th - 16th)
Well, folks, another week has rolled out and another barrage of apps rolled in. As we usually do every Monday, we took a look at the new offerings in the App Store and Play Store and picked out some interesting titles for you to check out. We've got 5 out of each store, fresh out the oven and ready for their first users to try, use, and ultimately - rate.

We have to say, it was interesting to see two new apps arrive on iOS for the first time, while they have been available for Android for quite a while now.

Any of these catch your fancy? Do you happen to know of a new app, which deserves to be listed here, but is not? Let us know!

New for iOS


Download ($3.99)

Enlight is yet another photo processing app for iOS. Its $4 price tag will give you its full collection of color editing, filters, decals, and lots of effects. It's quite the comprehensive app, indeed, and we'd say that if you are about to buy your first photo processing app, or if you are addicted to checking out each and every one of them, Enlight should be in your crosshairs.

HERE – Offline navigation

Download (free)

HERE Maps is a service provided by Nokia, which allows users to pre-download the maps of their region and then experience real-time turn-by-turn navigation without the need for any type of data connection. This is both great for users who are on a budget, and users who just so happen to be traveling and can't rely on fast data coverage at all times. The app has been available on the Play Store for a while now and has finally made its way to iOS.

Week Weather

Download ($0.99)

A great app, which gives you an overview of the weather for the next 7 days. Any weather changes are marked hourly and are color-coded for easy readability. If you miss having a comprehensive forecast right on your calendar, this app may be the solution you need.

Google Calendar

Download (free)

Google's Calendar app is finally available for iOS – sync the appointments that you have saved on your Gmail account with your phone and vice versa. Material Design is, of course, in tow, though it may look a bit out of place with iOS 8's aesthetics. Still, this is great news for Google users with iOS mobile devices.


Download ($19.99)

A bit on the pricey side, Ulysses aims to be the most potent text editor you can find on iOS. It offers markup, image insertion, footnotes, links, comment insertion, and multi-format export. It's safe to say that if one wishes to take a serious stab at writing on an iPad – Ulysses is one of the best apps they could buy.

New for Android

Firefly 2 in 1 Theme

Download (free)

A free theme for GO Launcher and GO Locker users, Firefly offers a pleasant, warm, transparent, almost dreamy look. If you haven't tried GO Launcher, but are interested in it – you can grab it here. It is probably the sole launcher to allow 3rd party skinning, and there are a lot of custom themes available for it on the Play Store.

Note it!

Download (free)

Yet another note-taking app, Note it! Seems to be a good alternative to Evernote or Google Keep. We especially like being able to bookmark or stamp notes as being “Done!”, and find the app's UI to be well put together. Plus – it's free, so if you haven't decided on a note-taking app yet, give this one a whirl.

Giddy IT!

Download (free)

Giddy IT! offers a simple image enhancement options and a selection of “stickers” you can put on your photos to achieve comic or narrative effect. It is by no means feature-packed or super comprehensive, but as long as the aforementioned functions are your type of thing – it's free and you can add it to your collection now.

CIA World Factbook

Download (free)

A quick guide to any country of the world. Without delving too deep in details, the app will lay out a short history of the country you look up, as well as some raw statistical info you may be interested in. We can't really confirm it's the information, which the CIA goes by, but the app developer seems to claim that his World Factbook does in fact tap into guides that have been prepared by the agency.

Special round: Snapi

Download (free)

This one is a bit more than a week old – sorry about that. Snapi allows you to take selfies by waving in front of the camera – that's right, it adds gesture-controlled snapping, which can be found only on some flagships right now. We can't say we are extreme selfie aficionados, but we enjoyed waving our hands in front of our handsets and glamouring at how the app recognizes whether our palms are clenched in a fist, or wide open.

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