Best Material Design apps of 2016, as named by Google

Google has announced the winners in its second annual Material Design Awards, highlighting five apps which have best implemented Google's paper-inspired design language over the last year. The winning entries are split into five categories, each representing a stand-out aspect of Material Design, and are judged based not only on how they implement the various visual facets of the design, but also its ideological concepts.

Expertly implementing various aspects of Material Design, all the while appropriately expressing their brand identities, here are the five best Material Design apps of 2016, as named by Google:

Asana: Team Tasks & Projects by Asana, Inc

winner in category Brand Infusion

Asana is "an app built on making teams more productive and collaborative," while keeping users focused on their end-goals. It is a powerful productivity tool, Google says, which relies on short, but frequent, interactions between participants, instead of overwhelming amounts of tasks available at any time.

Fabulous – Motivate Me! by TheFabulous

winner in category Charming Engagement

Fabulous is a tool aimed at self-improvement, bustling with colorful illustrations, lively animations, and playful voice instructions. Self-described as a “happiness trainer”, this app wants to help you through rough patches by encouraging healthy choice-making and positive habit-forming. It is rich in functionality and has a friendly face, which makes it feel personal and direct with the user, thus winning Google's award for the most charmingly engaging app of the year.

C Channel by C Channel Corporation

winner in category Creative Navigation

C Channel's takes the award for creative navigation by employing an intuitive, fluid, and engaging tab-based UI that makes browsing its library of lifestyle advice videos a breeze. The app is available in Japanese and Thai and features a vast collection of both studio-created and user-submitted videos covering various lifestyle topics, such as fashion, food, and others.

Download C Channel (Japanese, Thai)

Kitchen Stories by Kitchen Stories

winner in category Expressive Layouts

Kitchen stories is a virtual recipe book that excels in employing intuitive and well-organized layouts for its content across different screens and sizes, facilitating for an overall better user experience by allowing for effortlessly skimming through recipes. Kitchen Stories' clutter-free, well-thought-out interface has won it the award for the most expressive app layout.

Airbnb by Airbnb, Inc

winner in category Focused Efficiency 

An embodiment of on of Google's ten “commandments” — “Faster is better than slow” — Airbnb is a straightforward app that values the time of its users. With its simplistic, but precise and intuitive design that spans seamlessly across different activities, such as browsing, booking reservations, and chatting with hosts, it has won Google's Material Design award for focused efficiency.


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