Apple changes the iPhone return window from 30 to 14 calendar days

Apple changes the iPhone return window from 30 to 14 calendar days
According to a change in Apple's Standard Return Policy, from tomorrow onwards users will have only 14 calendar days to return an iPhone without a reason, regardless if it was bought from an Apple Store or online. This change equalizes the return policies of Apple and its carrier partners, as well as the company's other products. Up until now, the period for returning an Apple smartphone and receiving a refund was 30 days.

The return policy of Apple now clearly states that "you may return your undamaged iPhone with its included accessories within 14 days of purchase for a full refund". However, the company also notes that "returning your iPhone may not automatically cancel or reset your wireless account; you are responsible for your wireless service agreement and for any applicable fees associated with your wireless account".

source: Apple via MacRumors



1. fanboy1974

Posts: 1345; Member since: Nov 12, 2011

No surprise. Ipads should be next.

12. akki20892

Posts: 3902; Member since: Feb 04, 2013

Why the hell those 37 photos for.

2. darkkjedii

Posts: 31291; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Heck, by then you'll know if you like it, or not.

5. ecmedic4

Posts: 520; Member since: May 02, 2013

Yeah and that is the standard return policy for a lot of places now, wireless carriers, best buy, walmart, etc. A lot of places are putting a 14 day return policy on electronics now.

9. Finalflash

Posts: 4063; Member since: Jul 23, 2013

Yea, there are people here in the UK abusing the 30 day return policy. Apple delivers free to their house in London and they return it within 30 days and Apple picks it up for free from their house as well. I know a neighbour who has repeated this BS for 2 years now.

3. nestea unregistered

14 days already a lot.

4. djcody

Posts: 228; Member since: Apr 17, 2013

Another premium added ;)

6. BReND0

Posts: 74; Member since: Dec 07, 2010

Was there really a need for 36 iphone photos for this????? Always promoting the apple conglomerate ..... Shame

7. Commentator

Posts: 3723; Member since: Aug 16, 2011

Yeah, I was wondering about that too.

8. Finalflash

Posts: 4063; Member since: Jul 23, 2013

It's actually to fill in space because the article itself is like 2 very small paragraphs. If you remove the pictures, you get left with a very bare looking page.

11. HASHTAG unregistered

That doesn't answer his question, Finalflash. He's simply saying why is there a need for 36 photos. Which I was wondering the same thing. You make a good point too, but why not just a few photos, instead of 36? Not a big deal, but all of those pics are unnecessary; especially for a phone that came out months ago.

15. Finalflash

Posts: 4063; Member since: Jul 23, 2013

I think the number is just laziness, it is probably a saved slide show of iPhone photos they just linked. It could be a fluff piece ad for Apple but I will give benefit of doubt this time. I think seeing all those photos pretty much reminds me of why I don't want it instead and likewise, don't think anyone else is falling it.

16. Commentator

Posts: 3723; Member since: Aug 16, 2011

I don't know if it was laziness. Wouldn't it just be easier to put a single picture of an iPhone there? For the record, I don't think it's a fluff piece for Apple either, but maybe there's some ad click thing behind it?

14. Planterz

Posts: 2120; Member since: Apr 30, 2012

Most likely it's just a repost imbedding of iPhone content, without any motive or insinuations other than perhaps needing something else than a small article.

10. Scott93274

Posts: 6040; Member since: Aug 06, 2013

Subsidized iPhone 6's may cost more, sapphire glass less durable than gorilla glass, iOS update will allow full screen ads, Apple ads losing their appeal, return window cut in half for iPhones... Either Phone Arena is trolling with all their recent Apple articles or Apple really is going down hill.

13. stealthd unregistered

The only people really saying sapphire glass is less durable than Gorilla Glass are. . . the people that make Gorilla Glass, big surprise. Fullscreen ads aren't new, they're already common with a lot of apps, like Pandora. And 14 days is already the return window with pretty much every US carrier. Doesn't sound like anything going downhill to me.

17. sprockkets

Posts: 1612; Member since: Jan 16, 2012

They have the video to prove it you know. Whether or not that is true, time will tell. Apple of course doesn't even allow corning to tell people that their glass is on the iphone, that should tell you enough.

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