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Who else thinks that MetroPCS should get an iPhone and a Windows Phone?

mcgiggity69 25 Jan 2012, 20:17 posted on

Lately MetroPCS has been on this "All Android" streak and frankly I'm honestly kind of sick of it. The only thing they are really changing is just the hardware. It all runs the same crappy android platform of which still puzzles me as to why people still use it today. I have been using my Samsung Admire for about half a year now and its been giving me nothing but problems maybe since day 3. I used to have the Samsung Code and honestly I liked that phone a lot better than I like mine now, but it started to take a crap on me so I unfortunately had to replace it with the excuse of a phone I have now. Anyways, I believe that if MetroPCS wants to gain a better reputation with their customers then they need to offer alternative smartphones to people who wish to avoid Android completely, but dont want to have to switch providers if at all possible, like me. The only thing they have besides their arsenal of Android devices is one BlackBerry device, and I don't think that's gonna "woo" consumers on its lonesome. That's why I suggest possibly incorporating the iPhone into their network, and even a Windows Phone or two. Yes the Windows Phone is seen as garbage by around 90% of the popula but I bet that 95% of them haven't even tried one and they refuse to because they assume its going to be crap. I have heard a lot of reviews from people who have used it and they say they love it just as much as Android if not more. But I think it would definitely be a smart move on Metro's end if they want to gain a better consumer base. Variety is the key, not what is "popular". especially, in Metro's case, if its all between low and midgrade "popular" crap.

posted on 09 Sep 2012, 15:11

1. andynaija (Posts: 985; Member since: 08 Sep 2012)

I know what you're saying. All they get is android phones (not that anythings wrong with that. I have the Ascend) but they do need to diversify their lineup a little more. A Windows Phone or two would be nice. I don't think iPhone is good idea but it's worth a try.

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